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Do you have any goal before dying? Mine is to not work for all my life…
Seiya I want to try climbing a biiig mountain! Like the Everest, for example!
Kanata I want to create an extra large Rabirabi~! A bronze statue of Rabirabi also sounds nice!
Akira I want to take a trip to Europe.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I want to build an amusement park! One where you can prank around as much as you want!
Mutsuki Nothing in particular, I think.
Noah Maybe being able to eat soft sweet bean jelly.
Leon Go on vacation with a beautiful older girl! Wait, this is a secret! Lucas will get angry at me!
Chaoyang I want to overcome my shyness...
Rabi I want to try traveling around the world with my motorcycle.
Lucas Well, I'd like to play 1,000 songs.
Torahiko I want to draw animals from all around the world!
Kyosuke I want to finish my manga! What kind of manga it'll be is a secret, though!
Akio I want to create a beautiful glass bead...
Shiki Bring up Akio to become a fine man.
Hikaru I'll join Takarazuka! I'm sure that I can accomplish the feat!
Raku I want to create the largest washi in the world and write on it.
Kokoro I'll let everyone know about Kokoro's charm!
Runa I can't think of one right away.
Momosuke Eating gyudon as much as I want! But I'll get fat, so I guess I shouldn't~
Issei I'll stand at the top as I-Chu and look down at those guys who made fun of me!
Takamichi I want to get a motorcycle license.
Eva I'll take over the human world!
Mio I'll be the one who grants Master's wish!
Ban I don't have any in particular, but I'd like to continue eating delicious food!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Becoming the world's most famous idol!
Toya Returning the favors to people who I am indebted to.
Tatsumi Having Tenjyou Tenge's name recorded in history!
Aoi Even when I grow old I want to keep my skin in great condition.
Kuro To take my revenge.
Saku Erasing aaaall the terrible insects who stay near Producer-chan!
Baber I want to live in a house with big brother.

A thing that deeply moved you? … I think I haven't cried lately~
Seiya I was deeply moved by the dog Hachiko…!
Kanata The first time I met Rabirabi, maybe?
Akira The moment Kanata became emotionally attached to me, maybe? At first he was very cautious of me after all.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Maybe on the other day, when I woke up in the morning and found Mutsuki had woken up before me.
Mutsuki I think when Satsuki held back in pranking others for a whole day.
Noah I suppose when I met with Seiya again in Japan. I felt relieved that he didn't change at all.
Leon Meeting the producer~ Hey why are you getting all embarrassed?
Chaoyang When I played music with the other I♥B members for the first time...!
Rabi I was moved by Japan's peacefulness.
Lucas When Rabi scolded Leon before I could.
Torahiko When I saw a painting of Picasso for the first time! It struck me deeply!
Kyosuke When I bought a manga for the first time! I still remember it even now.
Akio When I managed to make a good glass bead for the first time...
Shiki Maybe when a girl greeted me first.
Hikaru I always feel touched by my own beauty!
Raku I think it's when I was able to make a work that satisfied me.
Kokoro When I did paragliding for the first time! I was scared, but it was so beautiful!
Runa When Kokoro asked me a favor.
Momosuke Uuh. I was so moved when Kokoro-chan praised Momo the other day~
Issei When in high school Futami and Takamichi... No, never mind.
Takamichi Taking the train for the first time when I was a high school student!
Eva I can never forget the first time Sammy snuggled up against me...
Mio Meeting Master.
Ban When Mio gave me a doll that resembled me! Sometimes I meet eyes with it~
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki When my younger sister called me big brother.
Toya When I was still a newcomer, a kid from the neighborhood claimed to be my fan!
Tatsumi When a friend of me got married and I had to give a speech, I was so moved I ended up crying...
Aoi When my skin's age was like a teenager's.
Kuro I am here to take my revenge, so I don't need things like "being deeply moved"!
Saku When I was able to meet Producer-chan again! Though some unnecessary meetings happened too.
Baber You know, when Baber stands on stage, the guests look at him!

Not being able to get the limited items feels so heartbreaking...
Seiya That extremely spicy ramen was so spicy... That Issei, how can he eat that a lot?
Kanata When Rabirabi's arm was torn off. But my brother mended it for me right away!
Akira Do you think that I have any bitter memories?
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki The supplementary exam I had during middle school... Uwaah, I don't want to remember about it again!
Mutsuki When I spent a whole day without having sleep at all, maybe...
Noah When I knew that Seiya moved to Japan, it felt painful.
Leon Maybe when Noah and Lucas made me do a seiza while scolding me for an hour...
Chaoyang When I was surrounded by younger boys... Rabi-san saved me back then...
Rabi It was so hard trying to calm down Lucas and Noah who snapped because of Leon...
Lucas When my dad came to Parents Day.
Torahiko Aah, it was when I got lost in a snowy mountain. I thought I'd die.
Kyosuke Ahaha... The time I dropped a new book at Comiket
Akio When I got pranked by Satsuki for a whole day. Even though I'd rather be ignored...
Shiki When I got on a train with a foul stench... I don't want to experience it again.
Hikaru Do you think that this beautiful me has any bitter memories?
Raku It was very hard for me when I had a slump on calligraphy.
Kokoro When I got bullied... But those bullies changed after they got lectured!
Runa When I betrayed Father's kindness...
Momosuke Maybe when the flower I'd carefully tended to withered~
Issei I think I had some when I was little. But I don't really remember...
Takamichi It was when Elizabeth, the lizard I had as a pet, died...
Eva Ukh! When I try to remember, my head...!?
Mio When one can overcome their pain, happiness awaits for them, you know?
Ban When I got hospitalized once and I couldn't eat whatever I want...
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki When Toya's sister called me 'old-looking'... She still calls me that even now...
Toya When a senior said that I'm inexperienced.
Tatsumi It was when my grandfather died. I was a grandpa's boy after all.
Aoi When I got two pimples.
Kuro When my sister died... From then on--- No, it's nothing....
Saku Let's see. When I saw that you three kept staying by Producer-chan's side.
Baber When big brother didn't look at Baber...

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