Special Phone Call Questions that are unlocked only between a pair of characters. Here you will find the individual questions Futami does to each character.


Seiya Aido
Futami I'll give you a Nama-chan as present, Seiya-kun ♪ You can hug it a lot ~ File:Futami-Seiya Q.ogg
Seiya Yay! I always wanted to try hugging it~! Hmm, it feels good! File:Futami-Seiya A.ogg
Akira Mitsurugi
Futami You really behave like an adult~ You have more of an adult atmosphere than me~ File:Futami-Akira Q.ogg
Akira Isn't that because you're childish? Really, it doesn't feel like you're older than me at all. File:Futami-Akira A.ogg
Kanata Minato
Futami Do you think that it's strange if a 25 years old still likes stuffed toys? File:Futami-Kanata Q.ogg
Kanata I don't think so! Stuffed toys are cute no matter how old you are! File:Futami-Kanata A.ogg

Twinkle BellEdit

Satsuki Kururugi
Futami Who did it now? Who's putting CV's and job hunting books on my desk!? It was you Satsuki, right?! File:Futami-Satsuki Q.ogg
Satsuki I bought them for your sake~ Be happy about it! Ishishi! File:Futami-Satsuki A.ogg
Mutsuki Kururugi
Futami The whereabouts of my stuffed Nama-chan toy are unknown. Do you have it perhaps? File:Futami-Mutsuki Q.ogg
Mutsuki Yes, I used it instead of a pillow. If you're talking about the sloth then it's sleeping by my side. File:Futami-Mutsuki A.ogg


Futami Noah-kun, Noah-kun, I want to drink apple tea~ File:Futami-Noah Q.ogg
Noah Fufu, alright. Let's have Sebastian prepare some. File:Futami-Noah A.ogg
Futami Hitting on girls looks like it requires a lot of stamina~ I'm surprised you can do something so bothersome~ File:Futami-Leon Q.ogg
Leon Do you wanna try it too? You're tall so I think you can reach a good point![1] File:Futami-Leon A.ogg
Futami Chaoyang-kun, do you like pandas~? Pandas are cute and fluffy too~ File:Futami-Chaoyang Q.ogg
Chaoyang Yes, when I hug a panda plush I feel relaxed... File:Futami-Chaoyang A.ogg
Futami Sometimes you have this similar atmosphere to Issei when he's fighting~ File:Futami-Rabi Q.ogg
Rabi T- That must be your imagination... Ahahahahaha..... File:Futami-Rabi A.ogg
Futami Lucas-kun! Do you want to read an illustrated book of Nama-chan? Come on, come on! File:Futami-Lucas Q.ogg
Lucas W- What is it!? I'm not interested in illustrated books...! B- But I'll borrow it for once. File:Futami-Lucas A.ogg


Torahiko Kusakabe
Futami Torahiko-kun, won't you treat this old man to dinner for once~? File:Futami-Torahiko Q.ogg
Torahiko Oh, I don't mind. But I can't let you eat free of charge. File:Futami-Torahiko A.ogg
Kyosuke Momoi
Futami Kyosuke-kun, draw a manga of me and Nama-chan spending our days leisurely~! File:Futami-Kyosuke Q.ogg
Kyosuke Ahaha, that looks enjoyable! I want to try drawing it! File:Futami-Kyosuke A.ogg
Akio Tobikura
Futami Akio-kun! Make a glass bead of Nama-chan~! Please! File:Futami-Akio Q.ogg
Akio A sloth... I made a rabbit once so maybe I can do it. File:Futami-Akio A.ogg
Shiki Amabe
Futami I want to try doing ceramics too~ I want to make a Nama-chan plate! File:Futami-Shiki Q.ogg
Shiki Do you want to try? I'll teach you carefully. File:Futami-Shiki A.ogg
Hikaru Orihara
Futami Your atelier is so cold! I'm surprised you can manage to work here~ File:Futami-Hikaru Q.ogg
Hikaru That's a compensation needed in order to give birth to beautiful works! File:Futami-Hikaru A.ogg
Raku Wakaouji
Futami I tried to write my favorite motto with calligraphy~ How is it, how is it~ File:Futami-Raku Q.ogg
Raku Let's see... "Working is losing. Having fun is winning"..... That's like you. File:Futami-Raku A.ogg


Kokoro Hanabusa
Futami Since we trouble you a lot I'll give you a Nama-chan mascot~! File:Futami-Kokoro Q.ogg
Kokoro Eh, I don't need it... D- Don't make that face! I'll take it! File:Futami-Kokoro A.ogg
Runa Kagurazaka
Futami You come to Takamichi's parties, so we might have met before? File:Futami-Runa Q.ogg
Runa Yes, I knew about you and Issei-san. File:Futami-Runa A.ogg
Momosuke Oikawa
Futami Nama-chan and Ricky have the same colors~ File:Futami-Momosuke Q.ogg
Momosuke Yes, yes! Both are very cute! Can Momo hug Nama-chan too? File:Futami-Momosuke A.ogg


Issei Todoroki
Futami I used all my money on that UFO catcher but I couldn't get a Nama-chan... File:Futami-Issei Q.ogg
Issei Didn't I say to not use it since you're terrible at it... ? *sighs* What game center was it? File:Futami-Issei A.ogg
Takamichi Sanzenin
Futami Takamichi~ My room is full so I'm leaving some Nama-chan's to you~! File:Futami-Takamichi Q.ogg
Takamichi *sighs* It can't be helped. I ended up making a room for Nama-chan because of you. File:Futami-Takamichi A.ogg


Eva Armstrong
Futami Lately my body has been feeling heavy... You're even more of an old man than me so you must know this feeling too, right? File:Futami-Eva Q.ogg
Eva I am not an old man! I'm a magical being, my body doesn't get old! File:Futami-Eva A.ogg
Mio Yamanobe
Futami Mio-kun! My Nama-chan became like a cursed doll! File:Futami-Mio Futami Q.ogg
Mio I made it look cuter~♪ I cast black magic on it specially for you! File:Futami-Mio A.ogg
Ban Jumonji
Futami You sure eat a lot, Ban-kun~ I'll give you this french bread~ File:Futami-Ban Q.ogg
Ban Futami, being picky about food isn't good! But I'll gladly accept it! File:Futami-Ban A.ogg

Tenjyou TengeEdit

Tsubaki Rindo
Futami So you know Karate too. Which one is stronger between you and Issei~? File:Futami-Tsubaki Q.ogg
Tsubaki Of course it's me! Shall we hold a contest after so long....? File:Futami-Tsubaki A.ogg
Toya Honoki
Futami The "Honoki dry goods store" where my father bought a kimono was your house, wasn't it~ ? File:Futami-Toya Futami Q.ogg
Toya Yes. Don't you remember coming here even just once in the past? File:Futami-Toya A.ogg
Tatsumi Madarao
Futami You're like Tenjyou Tenge's youngest child~ The same as me~ File:Futami-Tatsumi Q.ogg
Tatsumi I think in your case it's just your mental age that's younger than them.... File:Futami-Tatsumi A.ogg
Aoi Kakitsubata
Futami They said you're good at cooking~ I wish you would teach me too~ File:Futami-Aoi Q.ogg
Aoi I already have my hands full with teaching Tsubaki and Tatsumi. Ask Issei to teach you. File:Futami-Aoi A.ogg


Kuro Yakaku
Futami Kuro-chan, you're the guardian~ So please do something about that stalker~ File:Futami-Kuro Q2.ogg
Kuro I am not their guardian. He's a guy who doesn't know how to stop, so give it up. File:Futami-Kuro A2.ogg
Saku Uruha
Futami Saku-chan, you were secretly photographing when I was talking with Producer-chan before, weren't you? File:Futami-Saku Q2.ogg
Saku Ahaha, you found out? But rest assured. You're not beautiful enough to get photographed ♪ File:Futami-Saku A2.ogg
Futami Baber can be Peluche Quartetto's costume designer! File:Futami-Baber Q2.ogg
Baber Costume designer, that sounds nice. Leave it to Baber! File:Futami-Baber A2.ogg

Kuro Yakaku
Futami Ehm, I'm really sorry, but can you stop provoking our leader? File:Futami-Kuro Q.ogg
Kuro Are you saying that I was the one to provoke him? It's the opposite, I was the one bothered. File:Futami-Kuro A.ogg
Saku Uruha
Futami Saku-chan, can you stop it with running after her ass? File:Futami-Saku Q.ogg
Saku I don't want to be told that by you, who asks her to pay his food~ File:Futami-Saku A.ogg
Futami Baber-kun, you're the only oasis of Alchemist! File:Futami-Baber Q.ogg
Baber Hmmm... It feels strange so don't come close..... File:Futami-Baber A.ogg


  1. He's talking about reaching a good point with the flirting, aka actually making the girl accept to go out with you