Gakuto Nanjo
南条楽人, Nanjou Gakuto
Gakuto Nanjo
The fashionable iKids!
"I'm Gakuto Nanjo. The greatest happiness is spending time with a girl. Shiki-san also shares my opinion, right?"
Age 14
Birthday July 21st
Blood Type A
Height 168 cm
Weight 46 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Rock climbing
Fave Food Handmade cookies
LeastFave Food Food cooked without love
Looks up to Shiki Amabe
Group bitter jump


Fashionable chara boy who is well-liked among girls. He is a smooth talker, a boy who was born to be popular.


Gakuto Nanjo N (Flower shower de shukufuku o) Gakuto Nanjo N (Give me My Princess) Gakuto Nanjo N

Character LinesEdit

My name's Gakuto! Talking with girls is really fun!
I should give service to the fans who always cheer me on!
I'll become a splendid I-Chu just like the seniors one day!
Shiki-san is great in that he can do both idol jobs and pottery equally well~
Hisashi will be very handsome once he grows up. I'm the one who said it so it can't be wrong!
Story Let's look at a story that you like.
Main Story Choose a chapter that you like.
Is there a story that you're interested in?
Love Story By 'Love Story', could you be talking about my love sto-... eh, huh? I was wrong?
Will you read your favorite story?
Shop Let's have a shopping date together.
Disk Purchase Which one do you like?
Friends Friend, it said. I'm curious about your friends.
Other Come to me when you feel troubled... after you come here first though.

Affection StoryEdit

Chara boy

Gakuto Nanjo - Chara boy (1)
Gakuto: Heh~ So this is the campus that our senpai go through~ It's not really different from our school building, isn't it?
Gakuto: Ah, but the quality of the singing voices is quite different. As expected from people who aim to be at the top of the entertainment world.
Gakuto: Well, I also aim to be a top idol and soon I'm going to be a member of this campus.
Gakuto: Hey,teacher? Was it your intention to come across me?
Gakuto: Ahaha, did I expose your plans? You were observing me for quite a while, right?
Gakuto: I've been sensitive to someone's eyes looking at me since long ago~
Gakuto: Hey, why were you watching me? Maybe you thought 'I would like to raise him as my own student'?
Gakuto: Don't be shy. I'm very happy. I fell in love at first sight with such a beautiful and excellent looking teacher like you.
Gakuto: I'm Gakuto Nanjo. In a few years I'll make sure to enroll in this school.
Gakuto: So wait a little bit longer until then, okay?

Shining wink

Gakuto Nanjo - Shining wink (1)
Gakuto: Hey Sensei, have you met Shiki-san today? Wasn't there something different than usual about him today?
Gakuto: How should I say, he seemed to have a lot more fighting spirit, or should I say he was tense... Although I can't say too much about it.
Gakuto: But, that kind of face made Shiki-san really cool. I genuinley admire him.
Gakuto: I must work harder so I won't lose against Shiki-san. Because today, I'll be a little different than usual as well!
Gakuto Nanjo - Shining wink (2)
Gakuto: It's our turn soon... I'm getting nervous. The song after the next is our song.
Gakuto: Hey... Teacher, you're Shiki-san's Producer so you're probably worried about him, but...
Gakuto: Can you be a little worried about me too?
Gakuto: I think if you're looking after me, it feels like it'll go well.

You really mean it, right?

Gakuto Nanjo - You really mean it, right (1)
Gakuto: Ah, good morning, teacher. You're pretty today as well.
Gakuto: Huh? Why am I saying this all of a sudden?
Gakuto: Shiki-san said that it's good manners to praise a girl. It's good to make the other party happy with your words.
Gakuto: That's why I'm politely greeting you. Of course, this is not just flattery, I really mean it. Because you are beautiful, teacher.
Gakuto Nanjo - You really mean it, right (2)
Gakuto: Teacher. You don't have anything to say?
Gakuto: Like "it looks cool" or "that costume really suits you". So I'll work even harder than usual.
Gakuto: I look extremely cool? Thank you, teacher. Of course, you really mean it, right?
Gakuto: It's not bad to get praised by a girl too. Then, I'll do my best. Please watch me.

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own I'd like to have you as my birthday present... Just kidding!
Hisashi Hisashi, happy birthday! I’ll slowly teach you how to make a move on girls!
Shiki I guess in the end it's better to introduce a cute girl to Shiki-san on his birthday?
Producer Happy birthday! You don’t want to spend the day with me?


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