Game of the little panda 1 (1)
Producer: Good work at the lesson today, Chaoyang-kun.
Chaoyang: No, no, you did the good work, Producer-san.
Producer: Ah, right. There was something I want to tell you, Chaoyang-kun. It's regarding to the movie you did earlier.
Producer: Because it was quite popular, there was a request to film an advertisement using the same concept of a kung fu action movie.
Chaoyang: Is-is that true? ... I'm happy. I became very confident through the performance in the kung fu movie.
Chaoyang: So I'm really happy to continue that activity. Besides that, I'm able to act in that costume again, on a set that gives me the feeling of China.
Producer: Fufu... Seems like you're happy.
Chaoyang: Because this is the first time I did work alone... Besides that, it is my home country after all.
Producer: China, huh... As for that, my view of it is generally Chinese cuisine. I have a strong impression that the rice is delicious.
Game of the little panda 1 (2)
Chaoyang: That's right, the rice is... delicious. Meat buns are perfect...!
Producer: You really love meat buns, Chaoyang-kun.
Chaoyang: Yes, I love them. When I went to Chinatown with Seiya-san and Tatsumi-san recently, I ate delicious meat buns there.
Producer: Chinatown, huh~ sounds good. I went there a long time ago...
Producer: Hm, that's a good opportunity. Maybe I'll go there before the next filming.
Chaoyang: ...... uh...
Producer: Let's go there on the next day off...
Game of the little panda 1 (3)
Chaoyang: Uh, uhm...
Producer: Hm?
Chaoyang: ... If that's the case, then, if you'd like we could go together? To Chinatown.
Chaoyang: I want you to eat the meat buns I ate recently too... I think I could also be your guide...
Chaoyang: However... If I'm good enough...
Producer: Sounds good? Well, then I'd like you to come with me. Is the next day off alright?
Chaoyang: Yes, it's... alright.
Producer: Well, then let's go on the next day off!
Chaoyang: ... Yes!
Producer: Fufu, this is going to be fun. I hope the next day off will come soon.
Game of the little panda 1 (4)
Chaoyang: ... Fufu, yes. I'm looking forward to it too...
Chaoyang: (A date with... [Name]-san...)
Chaoyang: ...
Producer: Chaoyang-kun? What's wrong, let's return?
Chaoyang: ... Ah, I'm sorry...
Chaoyang: (...... I'm looking forward to the date.)

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