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Game of the little panda 2 (1)
Chaoyang: (Being a proper guide, can I even do it if I try... uh...)
Producer: Ah, Chaoyang-kun! You're already here, good morning.
Chaoyang: Producer-san... I wish you a good morning too.
Producer: Today is our day off, so let's take it easy without formalities! Well, let's go!
Chaoyang: Ye-yes... uh...
Chaoyang: (Why does it always come to this with me... In the end, [Name]-san took the lead.)
Chaoyang: ... Pro... [Name]-san...? Why do you only buy pandas?
Producer: Having many panda goods attached to you really suits you, Chaoyang-kun... ... Wait, did I buy this much?
Game of the little panda 2 (2)
Chaoyang: Thanks to you I am covered in pandas. ... This hat, how about you try it too?
Chaoyang: It'll definitely look better on you than on me. ... See, it suits you very well.
Producer: ... Th-thank you.
Chaoyang: Aah, the smoke coming from the shops here and there... it's nice. Meat buns have a good aroma.
Producer: Really, there are meat buns wherever you look. ... This must be heaven for you, right, Chaoyang-kun?
Game of the little panda 2 (3)
Chaoyang: Yes! Besides... looking at the food stands like this makes me somewhat nostalgic.
Producer: Why?
Chaoyang: In China we often ate outside for breakfast. In the morning the roads were crowded with many food stands...
Chaoyang: I ate breakfast at the food stands together with my brothers.
Producer: Heeh... That's a really different food culture.
Chaoyang: That's right. Exactly because it was different, it was a very fun place. ... Ah, we're here. This is my recommended meat bun stand.
Chaoyang: The meat buns here have the form of a panda. And there are a lot of different fillings, but all of them are delicious.
Producer: Those are really cute! The variety is amazing. Which one should I taste... Ah.
Producer: It might be fun to buy different fillings and share them with each other.
Chaoyang: Sharing with... [Name]-san.
Producer: You don't want to?
Game of the little panda 2 (4)
Chaoyang: ... N-no! I don't mean it like that...! Let's buy two different flavors. It's fine if you choose.
Producer: It's fine? Thank you! Let's see... Excuse me! I'll take this one... and this one!
Salesman: ... Thank you very much. Do I hand them over to you one after another?
Chaoyang: Yes, please.
Producer: Wah, hot! And I'll split it in... half. Here, Chaoyang-kun.
Chaoyang: Ah, and here is my half... [Name]-san.
Producer: Thank you. ... Hm, mmm! Delicious.
Chaoyang: ... I'm glad to hear that.
Producer: Buying and eating it immediately like this is nice too once in a while.
Chaoyang: This is the true charm of Chinatown. ... It's delicious.
Producer: ... Fufu.

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