Ginga Kiyomiya
清宮銀河, Kiyomiya Ginga
Ginga Kiyomiya
The big brother iKids!
Age 13
Birthday June 14th
Blood Type A
Height 169 cm
Weight 48 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Taking care of children
Fave Food Chikuzenni
LeastFave Food Nothing special
Looks up to Kuro Yakaku
Group bitter jump


Reliable older brother. Since he is good at taking care of people, he is well liked amongst friends other than his brothers.


Ginga Kiyomiya N (Dennou Human Virus) Ginga Kiyomiya N (Yozora ni matataku ittousei) Ginga Kiyomiya N

Character LinesEdit

Ginga Kiyomiya. I'm worried that my younger brothers will cause trouble to others...
Rikka is concentrating on his experiments again. My little brothers are really adorable!
Kota sounds rebellious, but he actually feels lonely easily.
I'll show you that I can both take care of my brothers and do my jobs as an iKids!
Story Do you want to read a story? Sounds great! Let's read it together.
Main Story Let's choose a chapter, shall we? From where do you like to start reading?
Hm~ I'm at loss on which to choose. Let's not be hasty in choosing it!
Love Story It says 'Love Story'! Can I read it together with you?
Fufu. I'm getting a little excited!
Shop It's the shop. Do you have something that you want to buy?
Disk Purchase You shouldn't spend too much!
Friends You have a lot of friends, don't you?
Other There are many items here. I'm lost on what to look at first!

Affection StoryEdit

Everyone's big brother

Ginga Kiyomiya - Everyone's big brother (1)
Ginga: Ah, if it isn't the Producer of this facility. Good day.
Ginga: I'm the iKids Ginga Kiyomiya. Because I worked as a model for a little while, we've probably met before--
Ginga: Tsk, this isn't the time for such small talk. Actually, because I took my eyes off my brothers for a second, they're now gone.
Ginga: Well, this happens usually, so there is no need to worry.
Ginga: Kota and Rikka have the habit to forget the time when they become interested in something. But I can't say that I'm not one of those people too.
Ginga: However, how far did they walk off to? You probably noticed, but at this rate I'm starting to get worried after all.
Ginga: Ah, there he is! I will go. If he runs away again, it would be a serious issue.
Ginga: Kota-! Come back! Both me and Rikka don't mind what happened earlier!
Ginga: Aaah, he ran away!
Ginga: Hey-! Kota-! Please wait!

Wondrous person

Ginga Kiyomiya - Wondrous person (1)
Ginga: Oh, hello Producer-san. What are you doing at a place like this?
Ginga: Did you perhaps get lost? Although I heard you're attending my photo shooting today...
Ginga: Fufu, I guess it's inevitable getting lost, because the way to the studio is a little complicated.
Ginga: I'll go together with you. --Here.
Ginga: What do you mean "why do you think you're holding my hand"-- Ah, I'm sorry, it's just out of habit...
Ginga: I would always hold hands with my two little brothers to prevent them from getting lost. But today these two aren't here...
Ginga: If you like, could we keep holding hands? I'm feeling just a little lonely here.
Ginga Kiyomiya - Wondrous person (2)
Ginga: This is Kuro-san's costume... For some reason it's a little embarrassing.
Ginga: But it's really cool... I also want to be a man that looks good like this, but...
Ginga: I surely can't become like that...
Ginga: ... Huh? You say I can...? Ahaha, that makes me happy. Thank you very much.
Ginga: If I have you supporting me, I think I can do anything! Fufu, it's really a wonder...

Tanabata Live

Ginga Kiyomiya - Tanabata Live (1)
Ginga: Ah, Producer-san. Good morning.
Ginga: It's tanabata soon... I could hardly sleep yesterday because I was looking so forward to today.
Ginga: I feel like Kota before an excursion. Well, it seems like just like me, Kota and Rikka haven't slept at all yesterday.
Ginga: Thanks to that, those two got up later than planned, you know? Fufu.
Ginga: I thought that I should wake them up soon, but those two were just so cute I couldn't wake them up.
Ginga: But this is not the right place to talk about something like this, right? I have to change clothes soon and get ready.
Ginga Kiyomiya - Tanabata Live (2)
Ginga: What a huge stage. And wearing Kuro-san's costume as well really gives me shivers.
Ginga: Ah, there's the tanzaku we wrote... I wished for the success of today's Live on my tanzaku.
Ginga: We have a Live while seeing the stars on the night of tanabata. It would be great if it became a wonderful Live.
Ginga: I'd like to have a wonderful Live, one where the wishes of everyone who came here come true.
Ginga: ... What is your wish, Producer-san?
Ginga: I wish I had just enough power to grant it. ... I sound kind of greedy now.

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own You remembered my birthday? Ahaha! I’m impressed!
Producer I wish you a happy birthday! My brothers and me look forward to working together with you!


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