Producer: Let’s see here. Now that my appointment’s over, I guess I’ll go do some shopping and head home.
Producer: It’s been a long time since I’ve come to a place like this. It feels like I could research a lot of different things here.
Producer: I’ll start from this floor…
Give me a reward ♪ 1 (1)
Leon: Ta-dah! Yoohoo, Producer! You surprised?
Producer: L-Leon-kun! Of course I’m surprised! It’s dangerous for you to just grab me from behind all of a sudden!
Leon: But I can’t help it if you’re here!
Producer: Eh?
Leon: When I saw you, I pretty much turned into a magnet! It’s just in my DNA to rush at you so quickly!
Producer: (I don’t feel like he has any bad intentions from the friendly smile he’s got. …He’s really a terrible influence on me.)
Leon: What’s this, Producer?
Producer: Hm?
Give me a reward ♪ 1 (2)
Leon: No, it’s just that our usual routine is for you to sigh and tell me to get off, so…
Leon: Guess this means you’ll let me do what I want to today. Maybe some of my feelings have finally gotten across to you?
Producer: Yeah, yeah. Since I so patiently listened to that spiel of yours, won’t you take your hands off of me?
Leon: Whaaat? So it’s just the same series of events as it always is–?
Leon: By the way, Producer, what are you doing here?
Leon: It doesn’t really fit your image to be in a place like this.
Producer: I had an appointment with a stylist. I was wondering what I should choose for my next outfit.
Producer: And I can look at a lot of different kinds of clothing here.
Leon: So this really was a coincidence.
Producer: Yup. I hardly come here at all, for the most part.
Give me a reward ♪ 1 (3)
Leon: Then I’m incredibly fortunate!
Producer: You exaggerate.
Leon: Hey, hey, Producer. What are you doing after this? You’re done with work for today, right? And you’re free afterwards??
Producer: It’s not like I’m on a leisurely outing right now. Though I suppose I don’t really have anything that I could call plans…
Leon: Well, then! In that case, how about you give me the rest of your day?


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