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Leon: Let’s go here next!
Producer: (He seems to be enjoying himself. I wonder why taking somebody like me around makes him look so happy.)
Leon: Producer? You tired? Should we take a little break?
Producer: No, I’m all right.
Leon: Ah, you know, you should wear that outfit that I just picked out next time we have school.
Producer: To school?
Leon: Yup. I can brag there about how you’re wearing something I chose for you.
Leon: Ah, but since I did choose something that’s a bit cuter than your usual wardrobe, maybe I’d rather you only wore it when it’s just the two of us.
Leon: On our next date, I mean. You can leave the destination to me!
Leon: I’ll definitely take you somewhere that’ll make you smile.
Producer: Okay, okay. I’ll look forward to it.
Leon: Yaaa-y, awesome! It’s a promise, right? We’ll definitely go, right?
Leon: Ah! Speaking of which, I heard. You made time for a guitar solo during the next show, didn’t you?
Producer: Yeah. I figured that solos are a must in order to show off everyone’s various charms. Has your practicing been going well?
Leon: Uh-huh! As soon as everybody heard about that, we all got really determined! We’ve been practically holed up in the practice room wondering how we should play it!
Leon: We’re not totally sure, y'know~. Like, what parts of the song should the bass play, and which for the guitar. But we can’t help but have fun with it.
Producer: Fufu, I’m glad that it’s made you so happy.
Leon: Ahh, somehow I’ve been the only one blabbering away here. Ahaha.
Leon: This is the first time that a girl’s listened to what I’ve had to say, so I’m really happy.
Producer: I like listening to you. Particularly when you’re talking about the guitar.
Producer: Normally, you just look like the kind of boy who will hit on any girl indiscriminately, but I know that the one thing you do get serious about is playing your guitar.
Producer: You’ve been really working hard lately, staying at behind late at night to practice, haven’t you?
Leon: Hehe! I’m such a good boy, aren’t I?
Producer: Ahaha, that you are. A very good boy.
Leon: In that case, I might like a little reward.
Producer: A reward?
Leon: I’m saying… I’d like a reward right now, you know?
Producer: (I’ve got a bad feeling about this…)
Producer: …If the next show goes successfully.
Leon: Man—…


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