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Leon: All right, everything’s perfectly in order and I’m raring to go! Now all that’s left is to wait for the actual show to start–. Hnngh~, I can’t wait!
Producer: Good morning, Leon-kun.
Leon: Ah, Producer! I’m already set to go. Let’s hurry up and get this show started!
Producer: Wait just a little longer, okay? They’re checking everything one last time right now.
Leon: Ah, come to think of it, the promise. You remember the promise you made, right?
Producer: Promise?
Leon: You forgot!?
Producer: Fufu, juuu~st kidding. I remembered. But saying that makes it seem like you’re working hard today just because you want to be rewarded.
Leon: That’s not true. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.
Leon: I’m super excited knowing that a bunch of people are going to be listening to my music.
Leon: But I’m pretty nervous too, you know? So that promise of ours is kind of keeping me steady.
Leon: Right now I’m thinking about and expecting a lot of different things. Like that I can’t just enjoy myself, and I really have to give it my all.
Leon: Since you told me that that’s the side of me that you like, Producer.
Producer: Ahaha! You’ll be fine.
Producer: There’s no way all of your practicing will fail you. Go enjoy yourself to the fullest.
Leon: …Yeah!
Leon: All right! I’m feeling fantastic today!
Leon: Follow along with us, everybody! We’re gonna have a great time today!
Producer: Good job out there, Leon-kun. How was your first outdoor show?
Leon: The absolute best! That was so much fun! I want to do another right now! Like, tomorrow, or the next day or the day after that! I want to do a live show every day!!
Producer: Then I guess you’ll just have to work really hard, eh? By the way, this is about that reward we talked about earlier, but…
Leon: I’m sorry, Producer. I’ve already decided what I want.
Producer: Eh…?
Producer: Wha…!
Leon: Ehehe! Thanks very much! I love you, Producer!
Leon: Reward me again sometime, okay? ♪


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