Producer: Oh, Noah-kun. You're reading outside on a day with wind this strong?
Producer: If you're reading a book, you should do it indoors.
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Noah: ... I don't want to be in the classroom.
Producer: Why?
Noah: ... Not everyone has the same opinions. We went out of the classroom so we can calm down.
Noah: Around this time the other members of the band should ponder in whatever place they like too, I think?
Producer: ... Is there something I can do for you?
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Noah: Nothing. ... Or should I say, this is a problem that has to be be solved only between us.
Producer: I see... Well, then please let me sit next to you.
Noah: ... Producer? Did you even listen to me?
Producer: Yes, I did. What about it?
Noah: Then why are you sitting next to me?
Producer: I think I could do at least this much.
Noah: ... But I just said that there nothing you can do?
Producer: I won't interfere anymore. However, I'm tired from work too, so I just want to take a little break.
Noah: ......
Producer: Having someone beside you like this can give your mind peace, right? That's why I'm just sitting next to you right now?
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Noah: ... You're insisting me on keeping you company?
Producer: No. You don't have to keep me company, I'd just like to sit next to you.
Noah: ... You're having ridiculous thoughts.
Producer: My intention wasn't ridiculous however.
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Noah: If you want to have someone by your side... Are you fine with me?
Producer: Yes, you're fine, Noah-kun.
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Noah: ......
Producer: But I'll go away if you really don't want to...
Noah: ... Hah, I'm no match for you.