Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 2 (1)
Iori: The choreography here was like this....
Jin: Iori, stop. In this choreography you need to open your arms more and use your whole body.
Iori: I see. You have a point there. Then, how about this?
Jin: Yes. That's perfect!
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 2 (2)
Akira: Wow.... So you do dance choreographies too.
Sousei: Of course. We don't express the role with just words, but also by using our entire bodies.
Producer: Even though you say that, it's actually not that easy to do it, right?
Sousei: Yes. You practice a lot of times until you make the role yours.... I think it's time now.
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 2 (3)
Sousei: You two, I'm sorry to interrupt your practice. But there are some people I want to introduce, so can you make a short pause?
Iori: Sousei? The ones you want to instroduce are...
Jin: Right. Are they related to that business--
Sousei: Yes. They are the people from Ailedore.
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 2 (4)
Akira: I'm Akira Mitsurugi.
Noah: My name is Noah.
Tsubaki: And my name is Tsubaki Rindo. Pleased to work with you!
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 2 (5)
Iori: I'm Iori Fujimura.
Jin: Jin Amamiya.
Sousei: And I'm Sousei Tachibana. I was entrusted with teaching you three, so I'll be watching over you with responsibility, so there's no need to worry.
Akira: Ehm... How did you meet our president?
Sousei: Well.... I got scouted by him when I was taking a walk in town...
Iori: What?! Sousei, are you going to become an idol?
Jin: Way to go Sousei.
Sousei: P-please don't make fun of me, Jin-san. I properly refused and said no!
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 2 (6)
Tsubaki: Our president wouldn't hesitate doing it....
Noah: Actually, it's not only Sousei. Iori and Jin are both very good looking too.
Producer: W-we're sorry! Our president is pretty selfish.
Sousei: No! There's no reason for you to apologize! And also....
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 2 (7)
Sousei: Thanks to it we got to meet with you guys. This must be some kind of destiny, so let's get along well.
Akira: Yes, let's get along well, Sousei-san.
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 2 (8)
Jin: Sousei. I understand that we have to be their teachers and teach them how to perform, but how do you plan to do the practices?
Iori: Will we first hold a meeting with everyone?
Sousei: No. Since there's not much time to teach, I'll have to divide each one.
Sousei: Jin-san will be Tsubaki-kun's teacher.
Jin: Tsubaki-kun was...
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 2 (9)
Tsubaki: You can just call me Tsubaki. And I'll call you just Jin.
Jin: Oh my. This one looks like the type to talk back.
Sousei: Iori will be with Noah-kun.
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 2 (10)
Iori: You are Noah.
Noah: Yes! I'll be under your care, Iori.
Iori: I'll see what I can do.
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 2 (11)
Sousei: And I will be Akira-kun's teacher... Well, using the "-kun" feels like creating a wall? Can I... call you Akira?
Akira: Of course. And I'll call you Sousei.
Sousei: Fufu, that makes me happy. Truth is, I feel like this isn't the first time that I've met you.
Sousei: It's as if I feel some kind of affinity... What might it be?
Akira: I actually felt the same feeling as you. It's really mysterious, isn't it?
Producer: (Ah! Their voices fit together very well... And also Amamiya-san and Tsubaki-kun, or Fujimura-san and Noah-kun....)
Producer: (Is this the reason why the President asked these people to teach them?)
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 2 (12)
Akira: Producer? You seem to be spacing out. Is something the matter?
Sousei: Do you feel unwell perhaps?
Producer: No! I was just thinking about something so I'm fine!
Producer: More importantly, I want to know how the lessons of acting are held, so is it ok if I come to see each lesson?
Sousei: Of course! Then, let's talk about the subject that you will act.
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 2 (13)
Sousei: I want you to perform the roles of "Earnest young men that strive towards their dreams"!
Sousei: Akira will be a novel writer, Noah will be a guitarist, and Tsubaki will be a dancer. Difficulties and despair will block the way towards their dreams.
Sousei: However, they laugh, cry and feel down together with their friends. They overcome those hardships and realize their dreams.
Sousei: This is the general idea of the script... Are there any questions?!
Akira: No problems at all. I'll be under your care.
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 2 (14)
Sousei: Yes! Then let's start the separate lessons! I'll be counting on you, Jin-san and Iori.
Jin&Iori: Got it!

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