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Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 4 (1)
Akira: If I stop the brush it will be my end! Writing is the only thing I can do!
Tsubaki: Stop it! You haven't slept at all! What do you think will come out if you keep writing like that?!
Akira: Shut up! What... What do you event know!?
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 4 (2)
Noah: Why... Why did it become like this?
Sousei: Stop!
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 4 (3)
Sousei: This is all wrong! There are only three days left until the performance! Look more at the actors that surround you!
Sousei: If you become frantic only about your role then you're failing. The stage is something organized by everyone together.
Tsubaki: Even if you tell me that, I don't really get it...
Noah: Are we so blind towards our surroundings?
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 4 (4)
Jin: Oh my, will you just lament and give up?
Tsubaki: ! I'll never give up!
Iori: ....That's the spirit.
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 4 (5)
Akira: Sousei... I understood that we're being too focused on our own acting.
Akira: But I don't understand what we need to do to improve it.
Iori: Are you demanding an answer?
Akira: ! It's... not like that....
Sousei: Then I want you guys to search for the answer inside yourselves. You'll arrive near the answer immediately.
Sousei: And also, I believe you all are able to do it.
Sousei: ......But it would be difficult to continue like this. Let's stop it here for today.
Producer: (I was really busy with another job so I wasn't able to see their acting for a while!)
Producer: (I wonder if they're doing well...)
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 4 (6)
Noah: The joy of standing on stage! How could I forget about this feeling!
Noah: I'm not alone. I decided to be a musician so that I could see the smiles of the people in front of me!
Akira: Smiles... I wonder if the people reading my works are smiling too.
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 4 (7)
Tsubaki: ................
Akira: Rindo-san?
Tsubaki: Sorry. I can't get what they told us earlier out of my head, so I find it difficult to act now.
Tsubaki: Hey, shall we discuss it again? I feel like just acting at random won't help much so we have to discuss how to do things again.
Noah: You're right. If you think of it, we were so busy with the separate practices that we never had time to discuss it together like this.
Akira: Yes... Then let's take a break and hold a meeting.
???: Haha!
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 4 (8)
Akira: Hm? Is anyone there?
Producer: It's me. So you're practicing well.
Akira: ! Producer. So you came here.
Producer: I'm sorry that I couldn't come for a while. Here, some juice for you three.
Noah: Thank you Producer.
Tsubaki: Great timing. My throat was starting to feel dry!
Akira: Say, Producer. Why were you laughing earlier?
Producer: Eh? Was I laughing?
Akira: Yes.
Producer: ....Probably because since seeing you three trying to deepen your friendship was so unusual, I unconsciously felt really happy.
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour 4 (9)
Akira: Deepening our friendship? So it wasn't about the acting?
Producer: Eh? Well... Yes. After all, now you were about to discuss how to find a solution together, right?
Tsubaki: ?! I see... So that's what it was.
Noah: It seems we were so focused on our own acting that we were lacking communication with each other.
Akira: Yes. I'm sure this is the answer Sousei meant. By deepening our friendship we will manage to find an understanding between us.
Tsubaki: With that said, today we won't act anymore! Let's spend the entire day talking together!
Noah: Alright! First let's discuss about the script and the acting!
Akira: We're sorry Producer, but right now we can't have a pause anymore.
Producer: Don't worry about it... And give it your best! I'm really looking forward to everyone on stage!
Akira&Noah&Tsubaki: Yes!

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