Halloween 2016 Scout

Start Date:10/26/2016 00:00 JST
End Date: 11/01/2016 23:59 JST

Attention: This scout will be different from the other scouts so far. Every two days the appearance rates of two chosen characters will be up in the scouting box. The rate up cards and dates are listed up below. The Halloween Scouting cards from 2015 will have an increased scouting rate compared to non-event cards.

If you manage to idolize a Halloween 2016 LE, the chibis (called SD characters) will be shown in their Halloween 2016 costume, when you use them in your team.

Rate up datesEdit

Halloween 2016 cards
Period Cards
10/26 00:00 until 10/27 23:59 (Halloween 2016 Scout) Tatsumi Madarao LE (Halloween 2016 Scout) Momosuke Oikawa LE

Tatsumi Madarao & Momosuke Oikawa

10/27 00:00 until 10/28 23:59 (Halloween 2016 Scout) Torahiko Kusakabe LE (Halloween 2016 Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE

Torahiko Kusakabe & Kyosuke Momoi

10/28 00:00 until 10/29 23:59 (Halloween 2016 Scout) Leon LE (Halloween 2016 Scout) Lucas LE

Leon & Lucas

10/29 00:00 until 10/30 23:59 (Halloween 2016 Scout) Takamichi Sanzenin LE (Halloween 2016 Scout) Saku Uruha LE

Takamichi Sanzenin & Saku Uruha

10/30 00:00 until 10/31 23:59 (Halloween 2016 Scout) Kanata Minato LE (Halloween 2016 Scout) Ban Jumonji LE

Kanata Minato & Ban Jumonji

10/31 00:00 until 11/01 23:59 All of the cards will have the the same scouting rate

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