Hanazakari Danshi 1 (1)
Tatsumi: Man… Hey, Toya… Aren’t Tsubaki and Aoi back yet?
Toya: You’re right, they aren’t. It’s already been about 30 minutes since the producer called for them…
Toya: But I’m sure they’ll be back in just a little bit, don’t you think?
Tatsumi: But we have to have all four of us dancing together, or we won’t be able to check whether or not we’re all working well as a whole…
Tatsumi: (Or rather, why did the producer only call for those two? I can’t friggin’ stand this…
Tatsumi: Wait, no way… Maybe they got a job offer just for the two of them or something? That wouldn’t be any fair at all!)
Hanazakari Danshi 1 (2)
Toya: Tatsumi? Your expressions are changing wildly all of a sudden. Did you think of something that upset you?
Tatsumi: Ack…! That ain’t it! It’s not like I’ve got a hunch that Tsubaki and Aoi got a separate job or anything!
Hanazakari Danshi 1 (3)
Aoi: …You really are such an idiot, Tatsumi. If you’ve got the time to think up such ridiculous things, then apply yourself more to practicing.
Tatsumi: A-Aoi! Say something to let us know you’re here when you come back!
Aoi: And that’s why I said something just now, right? Besides, you wouldn’t be able to hear me over that idiotic, loud voice of yours, would you?
Tatsumi: Don’t call me an idiot, damn it!
Toya: Oh, come on… Please don’t start fighting this early, you two!
Hanazakari Danshi 1 (4)
Tsubaki: Let it go. They’ll patch things up pretty soon somehow.
Toya: Ah, so you’re back too, Tsubaki. Welcome back.
Tsubaki: Yeah. I’m back. Sorry ‘bout this, but we need to talk about something.
Tsubaki: Come on, Aoi. Quit messing around with Tatsumi and explain what’s going on.
Aoi: Sigh… I wish you wouldn’t put it like that. Well, whatever, it’s probably best to hear it from me…
Toya: What is it that you have to tell us, exactly?
Tatsumi: …What is this? You’re both being so formal.
Hanazakari Danshi 1 (5)
Aoi: Well, the truth of the matter is that the producer proposed an idea to us earlier.
Aoi: As you all know, Tsubaki is the one who always oversees our choreography.
Aoi: However, I’ll be acting as our leader and organizing our choreography for the next show.
Tsubaki: And since that’s how it’s gonna be, make sure to follow all of Aoi’s instructions this time.
Tatsumi: …Wha?
Tatsumi: (Aoi’s going to be the leader instead of Tsubaki…? And the producer’s leaving everything to him… How did this happen?)
Toya: My, my… Is that all this was? It sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Right, Tatsumi?
Hanazakari Danshi 1 (6)
Tatsumi: ….Wh-…..y.
Toya: …Tatsumi?
Tatsumi: Why… Why’s Aoi the leader all of a sudden!?
Tatsumi: It’d be just fine for Tsubaki to be the leader like always, right!? Why’d we have to change things up all of a sudden!?
Tatsumi: I don’t agree with this! I’m gonna go ask the Producer what her reason was for changing things! I’m gonna go find her!
Tsubaki: She was heading out with some other Aichuu to a different gig, so she isn’t in the school anymore.
Tatsumi: Tch! Then, I’ll go catch up to—
Hanazakari Danshi 1 (7)
Aoi: What kind of stupid things are coming out of your mouth? Are you going to skip out on practice just to ask her what her reasoning was?
Tatsumi: I ain’t skipping out!
Aoi: …It’s the same as if you were. What’s got you throwing a tantrum like a little brat?
Tatsumi: I ain’t throwing a tantrum! I just don’t agree with this, is all!
Tatsumi: (They went behind my back and decided this without me… And why’s Toya so readily going along with this!?)
Tatsumi: …..
Aoi: …If you can’t let go of that attitude, then you’ll be nothing but a nuisance during practice. There’s no need for you to stay today, Tatsumi.
Hanazakari Danshi 1 (8)
Tatsumi: !?
Tatsumi: Fine, I get it! If that’s what our grand old leader wants, then I’ll beat it!
Hanazakari Danshi 1 (9)
Toya: Ah! Tatsumi!
Tsubaki: Toya! There’s no need to go after him.
Toya: B-But…
Aoi: Sigh… It seems that he’s gotten all riled up, so it’d be best to leave him be for a while so that he can calm down.
Aoi: Well then, let’s continue practicing with the three of us.


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