Hanazakari Danshi 2 (1)
Tatsumi: …Sigh.
Tatsumi: So no one came after me…
Tatsumi: Tsubaki and Aoi are one thing, but I was so stupid to hope that at least Toya would follow me…
Hanazakari Danshi 2 (2)
Tatsumi: Wait, what am I thinking!? If I keep thinking things like this, then Aoi’s gonna make fun of me and say I’m a girly boy!
Tatsumi: That Aoi sure surprised me.
Tatsumi: It’s not like I think he’s any good or anything… But I’m surprised to hear that the producer asked for him specifically to be the leader.
Hanazakari Danshi 2 (3)
Tatsumi: I ended up getting real jealous…
Tatsumi: And even though I didn’t mean to phrase it like that, I just…
Tatsumi: Sigh. I’m such a loser.
Hanazakari Danshi 2 (4)
Leon: Hey, don’t get so down!
Tatsumi: No matter what you say, what’s depressing me is still going to keep on depressing me.
Tatsumi: …Wait, Leon!?
Leon: Yoohoo, Tatsumi! You’ve sure got your foul mood on display!
Tatsumi: !? Leave me alone!
Leon: Wow, that was blunt–. Well, pardon me, ‘cause I’m gonna join you.
Hanazakari Danshi 2 (5)
Leon: Now then, we’re coming to you live from Leon-kun’s counseling room for all your concerns–. Our guest today is my senpai, Tatsumi Madarao-kuuuun.
Leon: It must be a terribly serious matter for him to consult his kouhai Leon-kun about this, wouldn’t you say? Well, please try to tell us all about it, Tatsumi-kun.
Tatsumi: I ain’t telling you anything!
Leon: Oh, what? I can’t get you into this, huh?
Leon: Oh well, guess I’ll lay off of the teasing! I’ll listen to you seriously, so tell me what’s on your mind.
Leon: If you insist on being stubborn and don’t talk to anyone about it, you’ll just keep on being sad, right? You might just come up with a solution to your problem!
Leon: Right? So talk to me, Tatsumi.
Hanazakari Danshi 2 (6)
Tatsumi: …You really are friendly, aren’t you?
Leon: Thanks for the compliment!
Tatsumi: I wasn’t complimenting you… God, look, I had a fight with Aoi.
Tatsumi: They decided all of a sudden that Aoi was going to lead our dancing instead of Tsubaki…
Tatsumi: And what’s more, the producer was the one who chose him for it.
Tatsumi: I was wondering if she doesn’t think I’m good enough since she didn’t ask me to do it, and I was so irritated that I went and said some things I shouldn’t have.
Hanazakari Danshi 2 (7)
Tatsumi: Say, I’m the one at fault here, aren’t I?
Leon: Hmm. I didn’t hear what you said to him, but from what I have heard, it does sound like it’s your fault.
Tatsumi: ! Sigh~… Yeah, it is, isn’t it~…
Leon: Well, they call what you’re feeling right now “self-loathing”, right?
Leon: If you show Aoi how sorry you are and tell him just what you just told me, I’m sure he’ll forgive you.
Tatsumi: I know that much, but…
Tatsumi: (I’m a little afraid of going to apologize to Aoi now…)
Leon: …I get it.
Hanazakari Danshi 2 (8)
Leon: If it’s too hard to do it today, then apologize tomorrow! So come on, stand up!
Tatsumi: What? “Stand up”… Why are you pulling on my hand!?
Leon: You’re gonna come shopping with me so that you can forget about all of those awful things for right now!
Tatsumi: I don’t get what you mean!
Leon: Are you planning to sit here moping forever, then?
Hanazakari Danshi 2 (9)
Tatsumi: No, but…
Leon: Ahh! Man, are you really just going to keep stewing over the same thing until the end of time? Come hang out with me today!
Leon: If you do that, you’ll feel better tomorrow, and then you can go give a good apology to Aoi!
Tatsumi: O-Okay.
Leon: Alright! Come on then, let’s go!


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