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Hanazakari Danshi 3 (1)
Leon: Phew~, that was sooo much fun! Right, Tatsumi!?
Tatsumi: Yeah! …As if I’d say that! Why’d I end up coming shopping with you…?
Tatsumi: This ain’t the time to be doing this sort of thing!
Leon: There you go again~. You say that, but you still had the nerve to buy some clothes for yourself, didn’t ya?
Tatsumi: ! I-I just thought it would be a waste not to buy anything after I already came out to shop, so…
Leon: Haha! You’re back to your usual self, Tatsumi.
Leon: You know, I’ve never had such big concerns to deal with, myself. Not so far, anyway.
Leon: Which is why I thought that if you could get immersed in something, then your depression would be sure to lift for a little while!
Leon: And it went just like I thought! I’m glad that you’re looking better than you were before!
Hanazakari Danshi 3 (2)
Tatsumi: …Leon.
Tatsumi: Um… How do I put this… It’s thanks to you inviting me out here that my mood’s changed… y'know.
Tatsumi: Umm… Th-thanks for that?
Leon: Sure! You’re welcome!
Tatsumi: ! Hey, don’t get carried away now that I’ve said that!
Tatsumi: I’m still your senpai, so next time I’ll take you somewhere with me!
Hanazakari Danshi 3 (3)
Tatsumi: So you’d better set some day aside that works for you!
Leon: Okay! But anyway, I guess you were “that thing” all along, weren’t you?
Tatsumi: What’s “that thing”?
Leon: Ummm, is it “shindora”? No, definitely not, umm… Ah, I know!
Leon: You’re a “tsundere”!
Hanazakari Danshi 3 (4)
Tatsumi: !? You idiot! I ain’t one of those!
Leon: Eh? You’re not? But they call going from being cold to being nice “dereru“, like, being all sweet, right?
Leon: And when you put it all together, doesn’t that make a tsundere?
Tatsumi: Damn it, I’m no such thing–! Actually, who the hell taught you that word!?!?
Leon: Noah did!
Tatsumi: (Noah!? Why does that guy know such crazy words!?)
Leon: Ehh~. Did he maybe teach me something wrong on purpose?
Leon: I’ve always learned Japanese from Noah, but I don’t think he’s ever lied to me before.
Hanazakari Danshi 3 (5)
Tatsumi: No, you’ve got the meaning of tsundere right, it just doesn’t apply to me.
Leon: I see! Wait, huh? But if I’ve got the definition right, then that means that it does fit you, doesn’t it?
Tatsumi: No it doesn’t!!
Leon: Eh–! Man, I don’t get what you’re trying to say–…
Tatsumi: Let’s just drop it… I mean, why do we have to fight over something like this?
Leon: It seems like your mood’s taken a change for the better today, but you’ll really go make up with Aoi tomorrow, right?
Tatsumi: I get it, already!
Tatsumi: Geez… Haha! Being with you is really making everything I’m worried about seem so stupid!
Hanazakari Danshi 3 (6)
Aoi: And just what’s so stupid?
Tatsumi: !? A-Aoi! Why are you he—
Aoi: Why? It’s obvious that I’ve been practicing up until now and am just heading home, isn’t it?
Aoi: It looks like you’ve found a way to enjoy yourself one way or another. I’m so glad that it seems as if all of your idiotic concerns have disappeared, too.
Tatsumi: …!
Aoi: You can go ahead and play around like this tomorrow, too. We won’t even notice that you’ve left us behind.
Tatsumi: No, that’s not… I—!
Hanazakari Danshi 3 (7)
Aoi: It’s so disgusting for men to make excuses.
Aoi: .....
Tatsumi: .....
Leon: Hey, Tatsumi! Shouldn’t you go after him!? You have to tell him that it was a misunderstanding…!
Tatsumi: It’s fine for now… He’d just take whatever I said as an excuse…
Tatsumi: Thanks for worrying about me today. …See you tomorrow.
Hanazakari Danshi 3 (8)
Leon: …This is bad. Everything took a turn for the worse.


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