Hanazakari Danshi 4 (1)
Tatsumi: …Ah.
Aoi: .....
Tatsumi: Um… Mornin’.
Aoi: …Good morning.
Tatsumi: S-so, hey–
Aoi: Well, see you…
Tatsumi: Ah…
Producer: We’ll end here for today. Everyone should get going to where they each have to be, okay?
Hanazakari Danshi 4 (2)
Tatsumi: Aoi! I have to talk to you about someth–
Aoi: Sorry, but I’ve got something to take care of at the library. I’ll hear you out next time.
Tatsumi: …Damn it!
Tatsumi: (Aoi’s been avoiding me all day… What the hell should I do? Even though I want to apologize to him, I can’t…)
Hanazakari Danshi 4 (3)
Leon: Tatsumi… Are you okay?
Tatsumi: Ah… Of course, I’m fine.
Leon: If I hadn’t invited you out back then, then none of this would’ve happened. I’m really sorry!
Tatsumi: !!! Don’t apologize! I was actually really happy that you invited me out, y'know?
Tatsumi: There’s no need for you to worry about what’s going on with Aoi and me.
Hanazakari Danshi 4 (4)
Tatsumi: I mean, it’s not like Aoi’s a demon or anything. If I give him some time, I’m sure he’ll listen to what I have to say.
Leon: Tatsumi…
Tatsumi: I’m gonna go get some air on the roof. See ya!
Leon: Ahhh, this is a total mess!
Hanazakari Danshi 4 (5)
Tsubaki: And yet you continuously worrying about it isn’t going to solve anything, will it?
Leon: Ack, Tsubaki!
Tsubaki: Yo! Looks like their fight’s going on a little long this time, isn’t it?
Toya: I knew it… It really would have been better if I’d gone after him and brought him back when all of that happened…
Tsubaki: Well, no use getting upset about things that are too late to change, right? All you can do now is watch over them.
Hanazakari Danshi 4 (6)
Toya: Oh, come on! What kind of thoughtless things are you saying? This all happened because you kept me from going after him in the first place, Tsubaki!
Tsubaki: Huh? Is that what happened?
Toya: ~~!
Tsubaki: S-Sorry! Don’t be so grouchy, Toya.
Toya: I am not being grouchy! Sigh… But this isn’t the time or place for us to be fighting, too.
Tsubaki: You’re right. Now then, what do we do about this…
Leon: Tsubaki! Toya!
Toya: Oh? Leon-kun. What’s the matter?
Leon: Um, actually, there’s something I need the both of your help with…
Hanazakari Danshi 4 (7)
Tsubaki: Oh-ho! I’ve got a hunch this’ll be something interesting!
Toya: …Tsubaki.
Tsubaki: Uh, I’ll cut it out with the jokes. Now then, what exactly do you want us to help you out with, Leon?
Leon: Okay. Well, it’s…
Hanazakari Danshi 4 (8)
Tatsumi: I just noticed… the sun’s already starting to set, ain’t it?
Tatsumi: I skipped out on practice again… But even if I had gone, then Aoi would have just been nasty to me…
Tatsumi: And I still haven’t apologized to him…
Tatsumi: (Even though the timing was bad, I really was in the wrong back then…)
Tatsumi: (It wasn’t very good of me to feel so self-conscious and jealous towards Aoi, just like how a little kid would feel.)
Tatsumi: (But on the other hand, I still can’t agree with their selfish decision to make him the leader. Why didn’t they ask for at least a little bit of my input…?)
Tatsumi: I wonder if they really think that I’m that unreliable…
???: Tatsumi, did you have a fight with Aoi-san?
Tatsumi: Yeah. And then I completely missed out on a good time to apolo– Wait, eh?
Hanazakari Danshi 4 (9)
Mao Wajima: Geez… If you had a fight with him, then you’ve gotta patch things up!
Tatsumi: …So it was Mao, huh? Hey, why’s it that Aoi gets a “-san” and I don’t?
Mao Wajima: Don’t worry about little things like that!
Tatsumi: Uuu… You really had to go for a sore spot there, didn’t ya?
Mao Wajima: Haha! But anyway, getting back to what we were talking about– If you don’t make up soon, even if you fight, then things will get a lot worse in no time at all, right?
Tatsumi: Things with Aoi really are getting awkward, somehow…
Tatsumi: And since I was so stubborn and didn’t go to practice this time, either, I’m gonna ultimately end up causing problems for everyone in Tenjyou Tenge…
Hanazakari Danshi 4 (10)
Mao Wajima: Cheer up, Tatsumi. The way you need to be looked after so much is just like Jimpachi!
Tatsumi: Shaddup… Sigh. To think that I’m being cheered on by an elementary schooler…
Tatsumi: They’re all going to run out of patience with the way I’m acting… Not just Aoi, but Tsubaki and Toya, too…
Leon: They’re not the kind of guys who’d think that, are they?
Hanazakari Danshi 4 (11)
Tatsumi: Wah! L-Leon! It’s you again? Don’t worry about what happened befo–
Leon: No, that’s not it! I’ve got some business with you, Tatsumi, so I’ve been looking for you!
Tatsumi: Business with me?
Leon: Yup! I’m just relaying this from Tsubaki and Toya, but they said you’ve all received a new gig all of a sudden, and that you should hurry over to where they are!
Tatsumi: What!? A gig, right now? It’s already getting close to nighttime, isn’t it?
Leon: Yeah. They said that the person who was actually supposed to perform suddenly came down with something.
Leon: So they put in a fast request to the producer, and she decided that Tenjyou Tenge would go on in their place.
Hanazakari Danshi 4 (12)
Leon: Here, take this. Tsubaki told me to tell you that this is the address you should go to!
Tatsumi: Whaaat!? Did they all go there already?
Leon: That’s right. They said that the show starts at 6 PM, so you’d better hurry and go meet up with them, right?
Tatsumi: Geh–!? But that’s only an hour away!
Leon: Come on, Tatsumi! You’ve gotta hurry!
Mao Wajima: C'mon, Tatsumi! Hurry, hurry!
Hanazakari Danshi 4 (13)
Tatsumi: Yeah! Leon, thanks for the message! And thanks for listening to me, Mao!
Leon: Good luck–!
Mao Wajima: Good luck–! Phew… We’ve sure gotta look after him, huh?
Leon: Don’t we, though? …Now then, the stage is set! Now Tatsumi just has to do his best!


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