Hanazakari Danshi 5 (1)
Tatsumi: According to the map I got, it should be right around here, but…
Tatsumi: Just what kind of urgent gig could could have come up in a place like this?
Tatsumi: Maybe I got the wrong place…
Tatsumi: (I can hear some kind of sound… It’s coming from over there…)
Hanazakari Danshi 5 (2)
Tatsumi: (Aoi! Why is he dancing here!?)
Tatsumi: (And Tsubaki and Toya… are nowhere to be found. Is he alone?)
Tatsumi: (…And that aside, Aoi’s gotten so good during the time I skipped out on practice that I can barely recognize him.)
Tatsumi: (Damn! I’m gonna end up falling behind like this…)
Aoi: …Phew.
Hanazakari Danshi 5 (3)
Aoi: So, what, are you just going to sneakily look on… Tatsumi?
Tatsumi: !? So you noticed…
Aoi: No matter how much I hate that intrusive little head of yours, moving about without a care in the world, I’m still going to notice it.
Tatsumi: …Tch, well, sorry for being so intrusive!!
Tatsumi: (Ah–! I went and said something the wrong way again! I’ve gotta switch the subject…)
Tatsumi: M-more importantly! What’s up with this emergency gig!?
Hanazakari Danshi 5 (4)
Aoi: Huh? “Emergency gig”… Ahhh. I see. Leon’s tricked us, Tatsumi.
Tatsumi: What? Why are you bringing Leon up?
Aoi: Sigh. I’ve already said so much, yet you don’t even realize what’s going on…
Aoi: I’m saying that, basically, Leon purposely set this up so that you and I would make up.
Tatsumi: Eh? …Whaaat!? Why would Leon do that on purpose!?
Aoi: Leon came to find me yesterday, and apologized to me.
Aoi: I asked him why, and he said that it was because he invited you to go shopping with him, thinking it would cheer you up.
Hanazakari Danshi 5 (5)
Tatsumi: !? But Leon’s not at fault here! I ended up enjoying myself, too, so it’s my responsibility to apologize!
Aoi: You don’t have to get so worked up for me to understand that. I jumped to the wrong conclusion yesterday.
Aoi: I’m sorry, Tatsumi. For acting like the way I did.
Tatsumi: !?
Tatsumi: …What’s that all about!? Why are you apologizing first!? And even though I’m the one who should be sorry!
Aoi: …Why is it that you have to get so mad when I apologize to you?
Tatsumi: ‘Cause no matter how you think about, I’m the one in the wrong here, ain’t I!? I threw a fit like a little kid, so I’ve gotta be the one to apologize…
Hanazakari Danshi 5 (6)
Tatsumi: Ah–… Damn it! I’m so pathetic…
Aoi: …Are you crying?
Tatsumi: I ain’t crying! I’m just looking down 'cause I’m so pathetic, is all!
Aoi: Ah, that’s good. There’s nothing as unsightly as a man’s tears, after all. Especially tears of regret.
Hanazakari Danshi 5 (7)
Tatsumi: You could’ve left a few words out there!
Aoi: Fufu. I guess you’re right. Still, I’ve been hurting all this time, you know?
Aoi: We fight a lot, but with the way you acted when I told you I’d be directing you as our leader…
Aoi: I had thought that we both recognized each other’s abilities, but now I know that you don’t think that I amount to much of anything at a–
Tatsumi: That’s not true!
Aoi: !?
Tatsumi: I was just annoyed! I mean, only you and Tsubaki talked about it… I felt like I was the only one being left out.
Tatsumi: So that’s why I started acting that way all of a sudden…
Hanazakari Danshi 5 (8)
Tatsumi: Aoi… I’m sorry. I really do recognize how skilled you are.
Aoi: …Stupid Tatsumi. You know that the two day’s worth of practice that you’ve missed is a considerably large handicap, right?
Tatsumi: Which is why I’m gonna start catching up to you right now!
Aoi: You really are such an idiot… You’d better prepare yourself, because I’m not going to hold back when I deal with you.
Tatsumi: As you wish!
Hanazakari Danshi 5 (9)
Tsubaki: See! Everything went perfectly fine with us just sitting back and watching over them, right?
Toya: What are you talking about? If Leon-kun hadn’t taken any action, then they’d still be fighting, wouldn’t they?
Leon: Ahh~! I’m sooo relieved~. I didn’t know what I’d do if they never made up because of me…
Toya: Fufu. Thanks to you, Leon-kun, their relationship is stronger than ever.
Toya: Please let me express our gratitude on behalf of Tenjyou Tenge. Thank you so much, Leon-kun.
Toya: And I’m so sorry for all of the trouble that Tatsumi’s caused for you.
Leon: There’s nothing for you to apologize for, Toya! And anyway, just how long are those guys planning to dance for?
Tsubaki: Ahh, well, now that something’s switched on for those two, they’ll probably dance 'til morning, right?
Hanazakari Danshi 5 (10)
Leon: Ehhh!?
Toya: Well now, let’s all head home. We don’t have enough strength to match up to them, after all, do we?
Tsubaki: Well, Tatsumi’s house is closest from where we are, so in the worst case scenario, Aoi could just go sleep over at his place.
Leon: That would be good…
Hanazakari Danshi 5 (11)
Tatsumi: Oh! Is it morning already!? Goddamn!
Aoi: Well, we have been practicing on and on and on… Phew.
Tatsumi: Aoi! It’s unsightly to yawn during practice!
Aoi: Shut up… It’s obvious that I’d be sleepy after practicing so late, unlike you, right?
Hanazakari Danshi 5 (12)
Tatsumi: Ugh… Guess I can’t talk back to that.
Aoi: Man… Thanks to meeting up with you, I’m completely sleep-deprived. This isn’t good for my skin, either, so I’d better go home to rest pretty soon.
Hanazakari Danshi 5 (13)
Tatsumi: My house is the closest from here, so you can sleep at my place. So come on, practice with me a little bit more!
Aoi: Why is it that I have to sacrifice my skin for the sake of your practice?
Tatsumi: …Man. Okay, it’s cool. I’ll just practice a little more, then.
Aoi: …Only ten more minutes.
Hanazakari Danshi 5 (14)
Tatsumi: ! Okay! Just 10 more!
Tatsumi: All right! I’m gonna get this dance down perfectly so that all of the fans who cheer us on will be super happy!


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