Haruto Inami
伊波大翔, Inami Haruto
Haruto Inami
The detective iKids!
"Haruto Inami. I'm going to tail Futami-occhan (uncle) now... Today I'll definitely find out the real condition of that NEET!"
Age 9
Birthday December 12th
Blood Type A
Height 134 cm
Weight 29 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Puzzles
Fave Food Gum
LeastFave Food Broccoli
Looks up to Futami Akabane
Group sweet step


Since he’s longing to be a detective, he attempts to preserve the crime scene whenever something occurs.


Haruto Inami N (NEET Futami no buraritabi) Haruto Inami N (Namakemono LoveSlowly) Haruto Inami N

Character LinesEdit

Haruto Inami. I'm aiming to be referred as Japan's Sherlock Holmes.
According to my analysis, the culprit is the producer... it's you!
I still can't solve the mystery of Futami-occhan's status as a NEET...
Preserve the scene of crime! Michiru, take the photo of the scene of crime!
It's still too early to let Shino become my assistant. He needs to practice more...
Story Is it a case!? Are you choosing a story?
Main Story Which chapter should we analyze?
Well then! Let's start analyzing it quickly!
Love Story Love story... won't you... develop a case due to jealousy...
Which case about love stories do you want to analyze?
Shop Is there any item that can be used to analyze things?
Disk Purchase If there are detective tools then I'll buy them!
Friends Friends, it said? To think that there's a friend among the suspects...
Other Preserve the scene of crime! Now, we can do whatever you like here!

Affection StoryEdit

Great detective

Haruto Inami - Great detective (1)
Haruto: Hmm... The suspicious footprints end here. Where in the world did the criminal go...?
Haruto: Huh!? I hear suspicious footsteps! Who is there...!
Haruto: I don't know you, Onee-san. This is suspicious. Very suspicious.
Haruto: You're at a crime scene! Do not move there, Onee-san!
Haruto: What is your name? ... A name I don't know. Suspicious...
Haruto: Me? I am Haruto Inami. I'm here to catch the child that slipped away from class.
Haruto: ... The child has been found and brought back by a teacher earlier? But then what are these footprints...
Haruto: Hah, now I understand... While running away, his body was grabbed and carried back...!
Haruto: This was a success. Because I'm going to be a famous detective in the future, solving this was a matter of course.
Haruto: If you have any problems that need to be solved, come to me and I'll solve them... Especially for you.

In the middle of an observation!

Haruto Inami - In the middle of an observation (1)
Haruto: Do you need something? I'm busy right now. Could you not disturb me?
Haruto: I'm observing Uncle Futami during his rehearsal. ... I mean, is he really genuine?
Haruto: This is the first time I see Uncle dance with so little motivation.
Haruto: This is definitely strange. Onee-san, do you know why Uncle is like that?
Haruto: Your face says you know something. Suspicious...
Haruto Inami - In the middle of an observation (2)
Haruto: I knew there was something strange about Uncle Futami today! What's with this performance?
Haruto: This time his dancing is even more sluggish than usual. I can't imagine what happened.
Haruto: Ah, the next song starts playing. I need to get on the stage to observe him closer.
Haruto: I will definitely expose whatever you're hiding!

The birth of assistant number 2!

Haruto Inami - The birth of assistant number 2 (1)
Haruto: Hey, onee-san. Why has Uncle Futami been grinning more than ever?
Haruto: According to my facts, a smile like that must mean something really good has happened.
Haruto: It's pointless to hide it! I always observe Uncle Futami whenever I have time, so I know!
Haruto: The fact that he is so cheerful today... it's definitely because of Nama-chan! There is no doubt!!
Haruto Inami - The birth of assistant number 2 (2)
Haruto: I never expected today's Live is going to be with Nama-chan, I didn't know...
Haruto: I'm one of the performers after all, so why didn't you tell me?
Haruto: A-after all... even I love Nama-chan...
Haruto: Wh-what are you laughing for! Fine, I love Nama-chan too!
Haruto: ... Eh, what do you have there? Wah...! Nama-chan in a detective costume...! You're giving this to me?
Haruto: Thank you! I'll treasure it! From today on he'll be assistant number 2! Because assistant number 1 is Michiru.

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own Did you know that today was my birthday, Watson-kun?
Shino It’s Shino’s birthday, so I’ll teach him the secrets to becoming a detective!
Futami Ssshh! I'm in the middle of tailing Futami! Where did he go on a congratulatory day?
Producer I solved the mystery! Today is your birthday!


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