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Producer: (…Oh, it looks like Mutsuki-kun is asleep underneath the tree over there.
Producer: Sigh… He’s sleeping in a place like this again…?)
Producer: Mutsuki-kun, Mutsuki-kun, wake up…
Have good dreams~ 1 (1)
Mutsuki: Mmm…?
Producer: I told you before and I’ll tell you again, you’re going to catch a cold if you sleep in places like this.
Mutsuki: Sensei, you worry too much… I’m okay. With it being this warm there’s no way I’ll catch a cold.
Mutsuki: Besides, it feels nice to fall asleep where you can feel the breeze outside. Didn’t you know that, Sensei…?
Producer: W-Well, of course, with this kind of weather. Taking a nap in the sun is an appealing thought, but still…
Producer: But so are a lot of other things. You’re an idol, after all. Part of your job is to manage your physical health, you know?
Have good dreams~ 1 (2)
Mutsuki: I’m still not satisfied with the sleep I get even when I do take naps, so maybe it would be better if I wasn’t an idol…
Mutsuki: And anyway, I’m not an idol, I’m an I-Chu.
Producer: That’s not true. Geez… Ah, that’s right.
Producer: You know, Mutsuki-kun, your next job happens to be a really good one.
Have good dreams~ 1 (3)
Mutsuki: A good one…?
Producer: Yup. It’s a commercial for a large-scale bedding manufacturer. Someone on their staff said they’d like to take a look at some photos of just you.
Producer: They happened to see a random picture of you asleep and thought your face looked perfect for the job, so they told me they’d like you to be in the commercial.
Producer: I was really shocked to get a sudden offer for such a big job. So, Mutsuki-kun. Naturally, you’ll take it on, won’t you?
Mutsuki: ….
Producer: Mutsuki-kun?
Mutsuki: Hey, Producer. You said that this job was just for one person?
Producer: That’s right, but…
Have good dreams~ 1 (4)
Mutsuki: …It’s only been jobs like that recently.
Producer: Mutsuki-kun…?
Mutsuki: You know, I came to this school because I thought I’d be able to stay together with Satsuki, so why are we being split up?
Producer: That’s not really what I was trying to…
Mutsuki: I don’t want the job.
Have good dreams~ 1 (5)
Mutsuki: If Satsuki’s not there, it’s no good!
Producer: !?
Mutsuki: Absolutely no good, so…


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