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Heart Buzz 1 (1)
Lucas: …Is it already that late? Maybe I should take a short break.
Lucas: Hmph… I’d have never been able to even consider taking a break up until now.
Lucas: I didn’t think that anyone could change the way that I am, but… That person might just be an exception to the rule.
Lucas: It could be because I’ve been spending more and more time with her over the past few days, so I’ve had my mind on her without really meaning to…
Lucas: It would be bad if things continued like this.
Producer: What would be bad?
Lucas: !
Producer: S-sorry, I didn’t think I’d scare you that much. Were you thinking about something?
Lucas: (To think she’d show up at a time like this…)
Lucas: …It’s nothing.
Producer: Well, it doesn’t look like nothing, but…
Heart Buzz 1 (2)
Lucas: So, it looks like only Aichuu are going to be performing in the next show?
Producer: Oh, did you already hear about that? That’s actually what I came here to tell you, though.
Producer: I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of performance all of you third generation students will give.
Heart Buzz 1 (3)
Lucas: As long as we’ll be out there, then we won’t lose to anyone.
Producer: …Won’t lose?
Lucas: We’ll put on a show better than anyone else.
Producer: These shows aren’t meant to be a battle against each other. You know that, right?
Lucas: What are you talking about? All Aichuu are trying to be idols, so we’re all rivals, aren’t we?
Lucas: It’s plain as day who’s better than the other when we perform during the same show. What else should we be doing, if not trying to win?
Producer: That’s not what it’s about, though…
Heart Buzz 1 (4)
Lucas: Are you saying that there’s no point going up against others when you can’t win…? Look, I’ve been planning on beating everyone from the very beginning.
Producer: …Lucas-kun, what do you think of all of the people who come to see your shows?
Lucas: Clearly they come to support us, no?
Producer: Naturally, that’s also true, but I’d imagine that there must be a bunch of other reasons they’re got for coming.
Lucas: Such as…?
Producer: There are things that you can’t learn just from someone telling you about them.
Producer: Think about it for a bit by yourself. See you later.
Lucas: …Just what are trying to say here, Producer?


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