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Heart Buzz 2 (1)
Lucas: At last, please listen to the song I composed for today.
Lucas: I truly thank everyone of you for today.
Lucas: (Being the MC as practised, performing as usual.)
Lucas: (... But, what is this? My heart is buzzing.)
Lucas: (Why are the fans in front of me looking this way with such radiant eyes?)
Heart Buzz 2 (2)
Lucas: (The song I composed. How does it affect these people?)
Lucas: (Is there another reason to come to this place besides cheering us on...)
Lucas: (I want to know it. What was Producer trying to say?)
Lucas: (I wonder if I'll understand it...?)
Producer: Good work, Lucas.
Heart Buzz 2 (3)
Lucas: ... Aah, it's the Producer.
Producer: What are you reading?
Lucas: A fan letter.
Lucas: so, tell me, Producer. Is this the kind of thing about the fans you told me to understand?
Producer: ... What is that letter about?
Lucas: "I failed the exam of the school I wanted to go to, I've been really depressed."
Lucas: "But today I was invited by my friend to come here, and I felt really happy from the bottom of my heart."
Heart Buzz 2 (4)
Lucas: "The first time I've heard I♥B's performance it gave me the courage to do my best once more."
Lucas: Do you think of our songs like this too?
Lucas: You said so too when I was writing a supportive song before.
Heart Buzz 2 (5)
Lucas: Is there really such a strength in my songs??
Producer: There is. After all I've gotten cheered up by your songs countless times.
Producer: Your songs have the power to move people's hearts, to push affection into the back of a lost person.
Producer: Your songs are not just the reason people support you, but there are something people seek.
Producer: They want to be encouraged, they want to be spirited. That's why people have come to like your songs.
Lucas: My songs have such strength...?

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