Heart Buzz 3 (1)
Lucas: Apart from continuing to win, there is something that I want to do...
Lucas: Until now, I've fixated on winning because I want to surpass a certain guy.
Lucas: In order to win over him, in order to be recognized, I kept going for nothing but that.
Lucas: Did I make a mistake...?
Producer: You didn't make a mistake.
Producer: But that is not entirely the case... Your fixation is too strong and your field of vision has become narrow, I think you could say it like that.
Producer: And that way, you lose sight of too many things.
Lucas: They were there in the past Lives too. I'm sure of it. ...The fans that wanted me to think about them.
Heart Buzz 3 (2)
Lucas: And I didn't notice them, because I was focused on my own troubles... I'm pathetic.
Producer: But you did notice it, didn't you.
Lucas: Producer...
Producer: You are not the Lucas-kun of yesterday anymore, who just kept going on to seek his own victory.
Producer: You've realized that there are songs you could sing for someone.
Producer: There is a big difference between realizing it and not realizing it. From now on, the songs you compose will be very vivid.
Lucas: I feel ashamed of myself.
Lucas: You were trying to show me that path the entire time and despite that, I ignored it.
Heart Buzz 3 (3)
Lucas: I didn't even think about how the things you were trying to teach me were so important.
Producer: Lucas-kun...
Heart Buzz 3 (4)
Lucas: I want to follow that path if you show me the way! Please stay by my side, Producer.
Producer: ...This is the first time you speak to me like that.
Producer: I'm glad and I understand. I'm really glad.
Lucas: Up until now, I kept hurting you because I lacked awareness. ...I'm sorry.
Producer: I'm used to that. Further, that you've become aware of that is the best outcome for me.
Producer: Let's work hard from now on as well. I'll do my best to support you.
Producer: Let's make many people smile with your music.
Heart Buzz 3 (5)
Lucas: Yes!

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