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Profile Story
(Profile Story) Hikaru Orihara

Ah, I'm beautiful today too. Oh, who is it over there?
Oh... you're the producer of us- ArS, right?
I thought you were one of the young ladies charmed by my beauty.
I was just about to make an ice sculpture!
I'm really good with ice sculpting. You've seen them before right? Those beautiful numerous works of art.
Ice sculpting is a fleeting form of art. It only lasts for a moment, that's why it's so beautiful.
And I'm more beautiful!
Wait, why are you walking away? She's a shy producer~

Initial R/RR My Beauty
Second Batch R/RR Weakness and Beauty
Initial SR/UR I want to dedicate it only to you
X'mas SR/UR Feelings that won't dissolve
Flower Viewing SR/UR With you and the flowers
Part-time Job SR/UR The art of food
Second Batch SR/UR The 2nd Ice Festival
Yumeiro Cast Collaboration SR/UR In order to shine
Hot Springs SR/UR My beautiful journey to the hot springs
Circus SR/UR Shining trapeze
Gods of fortune SR/UR The beautiful shaman's experience!
Initial LE/GR Ice Sculptor Idol
Art Appreciation LE/GR Noble Heart
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse LE/GR Pure Aqua Muse
New Year 2017 LE/GR The goddess of happiness
FanxFunxGift 2 LE/GR FanxFunxGift 2 Hikaru ver.
Chijou no Rakuen LE/GR Paradise of the earth

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