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Aliases Edit

Hikaru Orihara's Aliases
Alias Called by
Hikaru Seiya, Noah, Leon, Rabi, Lucas, Torahiko, Akio, Raku, Tsubaki, Tatsumi, Aoi, Issei, Takamichi, Mio, Ban, Kokoro, Tatsuomi
Pika-chan Kanata
Pikarin Satsuki, Mutsuki
Orihara Akira
Hikaru-kun Shiki, Toya, Futami, Momosuke
Hikaru-san Chaoyang, Runa
Hikarun Kyosuke
Blizzard Queen Eva

Tarot GachaEdit

Hikaru's Tarot Cards
Card Translation
Hikaru R Tarot
Hikaru RR Tarot
Hikaru SR Tarot

Misc. Facts Edit

  • His favorite power stone is Yellow Opal.
  • He refers to himself as 'The Beautiful Me'.
  • He dislikes food that isnt 'beautiful'.
  • He says that his own beauty makes him dizzy.
  • His favorite animals are pegasuses and swans.
  • He often calls out for Raku Wakaouji and he also finds his writing beautiful.
  • He is in third generation.
  • Type he likes: Someone beautiful!
  • His favourite flowers are lilies.
  • He doesn't wear clothes that don't look good on him.

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