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The ice sculptures I make are beautiful, right?!
Seiya It's a waste that they'll soon melt, after making them so beautiful!
Kanata They're mysterious works. Do angels or goddesses actually exist?
Akira He's like that on a daily basis, but I don't have any problem with his works.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Pikarin is skilled~
Mutsuki The ice sculpture is cold and it feels nice.
Noah I did not expect you to be able to make such things...
Leon Woah! So you can make sensual works like goddesses and the likes...!
Chaoyang Since it's ice it has to be sculpted in a short time, right? ...What a quick work.
Rabi I have nothing else to say aside that it's beautiful.
Lucas I think it's beautiful, but its shine is only momentary because it's ice.
Torahiko That guy dances while sculpting. He's super funny.
Kyosuke Hikarun's works are first class quality!
Akio Ice is similar to glasses. They're very beautiful.
Shiki Though Hikaru-kun is an idiot his works are that of a genius.
Raku I've grown bored of looking at his works!
Kokoro They're beautiful. Next time I hope you will make the sculpture of a cat ♪
Runa Putting aside the person himself, his works are something beyond this world.
Momosuke It's amazing that he can also sculpt flowers out of ice!
Issei Noisy~... Aah, so noisy~...
Futami He's skilled~
Takamichi Hikaru is an idiot, but only his sense of beauty is top-rated...
Eva Ice sculptures, huh... How beautiful. I'll have you carve a sculpture of me as well!
Mio Ice sculptures... I'm sure if a sculpture of Master is made it'll be a very beautiful one~
Ban I want to make shaved ice out of this ice!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Can't he say something other than 'beautiful'?
Toya Most of Hikaru-kun's works are about female figures. I wonder if there's a meaning behind it?
Tatsumi Ice melts easily so he gotta be carving them at Mach speed, right? What an incredible guy...
Aoi Well, he's someone who likes beauty, so it's natural for him to be capable of such feat, right?
Kuro Ice sculptures, huh. They're beautiful, but they are destined to melt soon.
Saku Producer-chan’s sculpture. Won’t you make it?
Baber Ice is cold... I don't like cold...

Tell me a thing that you consider the most beautiful of the world! I, of course, consider myself!
Seiya Everybody's smile!
Kanata The flowers after the rain. The drops of water on the petals are beautiful.
Akira The figure of someone making a great effort, maybe.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki The love for the family we twins have!
Mutsuki The love I and Satsuki have is beautiful.
Noah I think my horse is the most beautiful thing in the world.
Leon All women in this world are beautiful!
Chaoyang Temple's architecture makes you feel the beauty.
Rabi Someone who is focused on something seems sparkling and beautiful.
Lucas That kind of thing, I've lost it since long ago.
Torahiko All kind of nature is beautiful.
Kyosuke The manga I encountered in this world!
Akio Glass...
Shiki It's obvious that it is the producer…
Raku The light of the sunrise.
Kokoro Hm~... Ko-ko-ro-chan!
Runa A sense of justice, probably. However, I think that justice itself can be taken into various meanings.
Momosuke The flowers I grew. They grew into really beautiful ones~
Issei I'll punch you for saying something so annoying.
Futami The kids that work hard are all more beautiful than me. Yes, yes!
Takamichi The decorations at my home.
Eva I've never seen another demon being who exceeds me in terms of nobleness and beauty.
Mio Of course Master is the most beautiful!
Ban Master is the most beautiful!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki If you look closely at your surroundings, you'll surprisingly find a lot of beautiful things, you know? You should try to examine what surrounds you more.
Toya The flowers blooming in each season.
Tatsumi When I look at someone trying their best, I'll think that they're beautiful.
Aoi My endeavor, maybe? Though I'm not conceited about it like Hikaru does.
Kuro The things I considered beautiful have vanished long ago....
Saku Producer-chan is the most beautiful thing in this world!
Baber Baber's big brother!

Tell me your "My Boom" [1]! Mine is the yoga Mitsurugi Akira taught me!
Seiya Feeding pigeons. It's great how they all gather!
Kanata I've been eating only gummy bears lately.
Akira I'm addicted to online shopping.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Lately, I'm playing only rhythm games at game centers.
Mutsuki Putting the aroma oil to the humidifier.
Noah Collecting stamps. Japanese stamps too, of course.
Leon Now that I think about it, lately I collect hats a lot.
Chaoyang Visiting a lot of cafés is fun. Especially places that serve delicious Chinese tea.
Rabi Drinking soy milk.
Lucas It's nice how Japan has many variations of yoghurt.
Torahiko I'm buying picture postcards from various countries!
Kyosuke It's fun eating various flavors of furikake[2]~
Akio Buying the new candy products at the convenience store…
Shiki Watching sports games, maybe?
Raku 1 yen savings. I use the savings box Torahiko gave me.
Kokoro There's no way I would say it! Idiot!
Runa Going to abandoned buildings where scary stories had truly taken place is my current 'boom'.
Momosuke I think that lately I'm into healing CDs.
Issei I'm addicted to making silver accessories….
Futami To sit comfortably on the sofas on the furniture stores.
Takamichi Recently I've been addicted to silverware. But I'm okay with just looking at them.
Eva I'm looking for strong sacrifices for the sake of creating new servants...
Mio I only have interest in black magic since long before and until now...
Ban I'm trying my best in saving my 500 yen!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki These days, I've been addicted to fishing...
Toya I'm collecting cat plushies. Cats are so adorable!
Tatsumi Taking photos of the scenery or items I found at my travel destinations.
Aoi Burning aromatherapy oils.
Kuro Maybe cooking food for later during weekends.
Saku When I think of Producer-chan
Baber "My Boom"? Popping bubble wraps one by one, maybe?

Notes Edit

  1. Short term obsession.
  2. Furikake (振り掛け / ふりかけ) is a dry Japanese seasoning meant to be sprinkled on top of rice. (Furikake)

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