Hisashi Tojo
東条寿, Toujou Hisashi
Hisashi Tojo
The blankly staring iKids!
"I'm Hisashi Tojo. I drink hot tea with grandpa Raku sometimes. Did you know that the hot tea grandpa Raku makes is really delicious?"
Age 5
Birthday June 6th
Blood Type O
Height 115 cm
Weight 21 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Zoning out
Fave Food Taiyaki
LeastFave Food White beans
Looks up to Raku Wakaouji
Group baby hop


When zoning out, he often blankly gazes into the distance. Since he is tall, he takes care of the smaller children.


Hisashi Tojo N (It's sho Time!) Hisashi Tojo N (Gokuraku Jodo no Suminagashi) Hisashi Tojo N (Mumyoujouya no Toukonari) Hisashi Tojo N

Character LinesEdit

Hisashi Tojo... That's my name.
The teacher said that being tall has something to do with 'genes'.
I'm just zoning out. It's not because I feel sleepy, you know?
Grandpa Raku always talks like a grandpa...
Gakuto is my senior in modelling. I was told someone like him is called playboy.
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Affection StoryEdit

Cool boy

Hisashi Tojo - Cool boy (1)
Hisashi: ... He's not here too.
Hisashi: Hm...? Who are you? I'm Tojo Hisashi. I'm searching for a friend.
Hisashi: I'v been wandering around here and there, but I didn't find him?
Hisashi: Guys like him are gone somewhere easily.
Hisashi: After all he's shorter than me.
Hisashi: We tall guys have to take care of the shorter ones. That's what our teacher said.
Hisashi: ... You want to search? Why?
Hisashi: Because you're worried... You're a weird person. Weird, but friendly. You're a good person.
Hisashi: ... I should hurry and look for him. Akari is surely waiting for me.


Hisashi Tojo - Fluffy (1)
Hisashi: Because today it's really cold I have to dress warm. This hat is fluffy and warm...
Hisashi: The teacher said, because I became good at dancing I should come here. What should I do today...?
Hisashi: Live? I should do a Live? ... I wonder if seeing me will make everyone happy?
Hisashi: If everyone is happy if I accept, then I'll do my best.
Hisashi Tojo - Fluffy (2)
Hisashi: This is my Live costume. This crown makes me look like a prince.
Hisashi: It's harder to move than usual, but I'll give my best to dance properly...
Hisashi: Ah... Is this perhaps the same as grandpa Raku's outfit...?
Hisashi: Since grandpa Raku'smovements are slow, I will definitely give my best...!

Sharing Taiyaki

Hisashi Tojo - Sharing Taiyaki (1)
Hisashi: Munch munch... Ah, it's Producer. Hello.
Hisashi: I mean, you are called Producer, right? Grandpa Raku told me.
Hisashi: Today I have a photo shooting with grandpa Raku for his pamphlet. He gave me taiyaki so I can work hard together with him.
Hisashi: It's warm and delicious. Do you want a bite too?
Hisashi: When you've eaten it, you have to do your best too. ... Let's do our best together, okay?
Hisashi: ... Hehe, thanks.
Hisashi Tojo - Sharing Taiyaki (2)
Hisashi: Whenever I come here, this place is huge...
Hisashi: I'm getting nervous... But I promised grandpa Raku to do my best, so I'll do my best.
Hisashi: Can you cheer me on so I can do my best?
Hisashi: When I see you watching me here, I think I can do my best until the end.

I'll do my best today

Hisashi Tojo - I'll do my best today (1)
Hisashi: We meet again, Producer.
Hisashi: What I was doing? Just spacing out.
Hisashi: I don't really watch the sky or the clouds or the birds.
Hisashi: I don't really need a reason to space out. Grandpa Raku always spaces out too, right?
Hisashi: I'm not copying him. That's just how both me and Grandpa Raku look.
Hisashi: That's why the both of us space out together sometimes.
Hisashi: I don't have to talk to him to always understand Grandpa Raku's thoughts. He always thinks "I'm sleepy".
Hisashi Tojo - I'll do my best today (2)
Hisashi: We meet again, Producer.
Hisashi: Today I'm not spacing out. Grandpa Raku didn't space out during the entire rehearsal either.
Hisashi: I've decided that I'll do my best today!
Hisashi: But when we're done, we're going to space out together again. Do you want to join, Producer?

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own It's my birthday today.
Gakuto I’ll give Gakuto a present. Because it’s his birthday.
Raku Happy birthday, grandpa Raku. Live long, okay?
Producer Happy birthday... Are you happy?


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