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How to download Edit

You can play I-Chu on iOs, Android and BlueStacks on pc.

Via iOS Edit

Be sure to have a Japanese App Store account. Login to that account and search for アイ★チュウ. Or simply go to the official site on your iOs device and click on 'Download on Appstore' button. You have to be logged into your Japanese account for the latter thing too.

Via Android devicesEdit

There are two ways of downloading I-Chu on your Android device. First one is through QooApp and second one is through a VPN app.
1. QooApp
Click on this link; Qooapp and start downloading Qooapp on your device.

Open the app and find for the I-Chu icon:

Playstore icon

Or copy paste this into the search bar if you can't find it: アイ★チュウ

2. VPN app
First go to here and make a new profile. Make sure your location is set to Japanese.

After that go into the playstore and download a vpn app. Tigervpns is fine, but Pshiphon works too.

Add your new, Japanese account to your other accounts. To do so go into your phone’s settings, accounts and then add the account to your Google accounts.

After that go to Tigervpns/Psiphon and set the location to Japanese and connect.

After your phone is connected, go to the playstore again and change your user. You can do that if you click on the three bars on the upper left side. After that click on your current email and change it.

There might come a pop up where you have to accept something, accept it. After that you should be in the Japanese playstore. If not just close the playstore and open it again.

Via BlueStacks Edit

BlueStacks is just a Android device but just on the pc. Just do the same as listed above here after you've downloaded it. WARNING: BlueStacks might make your pc laggy and you'll need to set up keys for the game. The game itself might be laggy too.

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