Hungry Servant 1 (1)
Producer: (All of my work’s done for the day, so I should be heading home pretty soon.)
Hungry Servant 1 (2)
Ban: Argh, no matter where you roll, I’ll get ya! Cut it out alread–
Producer: Uwah!?
Hungry Servant 1 (3)
Ban: Ow-ow-ow… Ah! Producer! You okay!?
Producer: Y-yeah, I’m fine. What about you, Jumonji-kun?
Ban: I’m totally fine… Ahhh man, where’d that ball go!?
Producer: Ball? You’re chasing a ball?
Hungry Servant 1 (4)
Ban: Yup. I was practicing my juggling, and…
Ban: Ah, right! I’ve been super good at juggling for a long time now!
Producer: …For someone who says they’re good at it, you seem to be having quite the hard time there.
Ban: Ahaha. Producer, you’re really harsh, aren’t ya?
Hungry Servant 1 (5)
Ban: I’m tryin’ out a new trick for the first time in a while. I want to surprise Master and everybody else no matter what.
Producer: Wow… Is that a particularly hard trick?
Hungry Servant 1 (6)
Ban: If ya say it’s hard, it’ll be hard, but… I’ve really been no good at it, y'know? Practicing alone, I mean.
Producer: Why’s that?
Ban: With nobody watchin’ me, I just can’t get pumped up about it.
Ban: I think I’d try harder if somebody was looking. Without a crowd, I don’t feel much like trying again…
Producer: If that’s the case, I’ll help you out.
Hungry Servant 1 (7)
Ban: You serious!?
Producer: Sure. I don’t know much about juggling, but if it’ll only take me watching you to get you motivated, I think I can help.
Ban: You’ve saved me big time! O–kay, now I’m feelin’ ready to go!
Producer: But if I do this, you have to see this trick through to the end, okay?
Hungry Servant 1 (8)
Ban: Eh?
Producer: I won’t let you off the hook if you give up in the middle, so I’ll be watching you until you succeed, got it?
Hungry Servant 1 (9)
Ban: Ahaha, what’s with that look? You’re givin’ me the chills.
Ban: As you wish!


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