Hungry Servant 2 (1)
Ban: Ah, Producer, mor–nin’!
Producer: Good morning, Jumonji-kun. How’s it going?
Ban: It’s just about perfect! Looks like the special training I did with you before really worked.
Ban: After that I kept practicing again and again, and then my success rate went up and up and up, and now I don’t make any super basic mistakes.
Producer: That’s exciting. Well then, I’ll meet you for practice again today.
Ban: Seriously!?
Producer: I’m bein’ totally serious.
Hungry Servant 2 (2)
Ban: Hey, what’s that supposed to be!? Please, Producer, I don’t want ya to mimic me!
Producer: But we’ve been around each other so much that’s it’s kinda rubbin’ off on me.
Ban: …Well, if the way I talk’s rubbin’ off on ya because we’re with each other that much, guess I can’t do much about that.
Producer: Your face is red. Are you embarrassed, perhaps? Jumonji-kun.
Hungry Servant 2 (3)
Ban: I-I’m not embarrassed! Man… I wish ya’d stop teasin’ me.
Producer: Ahaha, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.
Ban: But—
Hungry Servant 2 (4)
Ban: [Play] I’m gonna try even harder than I usually do today, so I hope you’ll watch me!
Producer: Yup! Today’ll be the day you get it down perfectly!
Ban: ‘Course!
Hungry Servant 2 (5)
Ban: And how was that!? My juggling, I mean!
Producer: It’s surprising how much better your timing was from the last time I saw it!
Producer: The people who watched as they passed by were really impressed, too.
Ban: Doesn’t matter what other people think! You praisin’ me is what makes me super happy, Producer!
Producer: You’re exaggerating~
Ban: Not at all. That’s all it takes to make me happy. …Hey, Producer?
Hungry Servant 2 (6)
Ban: [Play] Somehow I feel like I really want you to praise me a whole lot, y'know~
Ban: So that makes me feel like I can do anythin’ else even better than I usually do, too!
Producer: …Ahaha! I see!
Producer: You really worked hard, Jumonji-kun~.
Hungry Servant 2 (7)
Ban: Wa-wa-wahh! Please, I wish ya’d stop messing up my hair!
Ban: …But that still makes me happy!


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