Hungry Servant 3 (1)
Ban: Ah, Producer! What’s up? Aren’t ya super early for when we planned to meet for practice?
Producer: Yeah. I was just passing by the lesson room and happened to see you, so I thought I’d stop in.
Producer: Your costume really suits you, doesn’t it? As I’d expect of what Eva-kun picked out.
Ban: Ehehe. Yup. Master’s totally amazin’!
Producer: By the way, why do you have your juggling balls with you today?
Ban: Ahh, these?
Producer: You don’t need them for anything at the moment, right?
Ban: That’s what I wanna tell ya! A little while ago, Master praised my juggling a whole lot!
Ban: So, since I can get people so interested with this, he said I should try juggling to the music durin’ the song’s instrumental part.
Hungry Servant 3 (2)
Ban: It’s the first time Master’s said somethin’ to me like that, so I’m super happy!
Ban: Though Mio had a look on his face that had "This is so unfair!" written all over it. But it’s just thanks to all of my hard work!
Ban: Or should I say, it’s thanks to you, Producer!
Producer: Eh, me?
Ban: If ya hadn’t met with me to practice, then I never would’ve perfected that trick.
Ban: Really, Producer, thank you, thank you, thank you so much~
Producer: It wasn’t anything that you need to thank me that much for.
Ban: But I will anyway. Because it’s really all thanks to you. So, I’m countin’ on ya today, too, okay?
Ban: I really wanna show you my singing and dancing, so I’ll make sure to cram in a bunch of showstoppers, okay?
Producer: Don’t say you’ll "cram in showstoppers" for this…
Ban: Ahh— …Guess we practiced for longer than we were goin’ to.
Producer: Time really flew by. Should we wrap this up?
Ban: …Nah, I think I’ll keep at it a bit longer.
Producer: Well then, shall we take a little break? …Here, I brought this for you, but…
Hungry Servant 3 (3)
Ban: Oh! Is it food!? Is it food~!?
Producer: They’re honey-soaked lemons. Kind of a predictable choice, but they’re good.
Ban: I’m diggin’ i–n! Chomp, chomp… Uwahh, this wonderful taste just goes on forever an’ ever…
Producer: Just seeing you eat it like it’s the best thing in the world makes it entirely worth it to have made these.
Hungry Servant 3 (4)
Ban: [Play] I guess being with you is what keeps me relaxed and singing my best, huh? ♪
Producer: …What’s this, all of sudden?
Ban: Nothin’, I guess-? That’s just what I was honestly thinkin’ so I went ahead and said it. But anyway, these lemons are so yummy–!
Ban: Seconds, please ♪
Producer: Eh? Ehh!? They’re all gone?
Ban: Hehe! I’m a big eater, after all~


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