IChu Award 2016
  • Event Period: 1st July 2016 00:00 JST - 31st July 2016 16:00 JST

The first anniversary of I-Chu is here and because of that the I★Chu Award 2016 started!
From July 1st to July 31st you have the time to vote for your favourite idol. At the end of the awards the top 3 most voted idols will get prizes!

How to voteEdit

Ichu awards 1
  • Click on the little box icon next to the event banner
Ichu awards 2
  • Here you can vote for your favourite idol.
    Simply click on the icon with the I-Chu you want to vote for and a popup will appear.
Ichu awards 3
  • Move the slider to adjust the amount of tickets you want to use to vote. The small number over the "Ok" button indicates how many tickets you have.
Ichu awards 4
  • The I-Chu you voted for has a little message for you, asking you if you really want to vote for him. Click the pink button if you want to.
Ichu awards 5
  • A little thank you message appears. You're done with voting now!
    If you gain more tickets you can always vote again!

How to get ticketsEdit

You can get tickets as a daily log-in bonus on the 29th June.
From the 1st July on a daily mission will be added which will give you a ticket as reward.
You get tickets when scouting in the special, event, and premium scout. You won't get any tickets by scouting in the royal, normal and badge scout. The amount of tickets you will get is proportional to the scouting you did.
You can also buy the tickets!
For that, head to the shop. You can either buy a special set, consisting of one set with 40 discs and one with 70.
The sets will give you:

  • voting tickets (80 tickets in the 70 Disc set; 50 tickets in the 40 Disc set)
  • One WILD, one POP and one COOL EXP bear
  • 3 candies

Daily ticket missionEdit

Mission Reward
Clear a song with a team consisting of two people 1 Ticket


Rank Reward
1 A new exclusive LE/GR
1 to 3 These I-Chu will debut with a solo song from Victor Entertainment!

They will also be massively advertised in Animate and will get lots of new merchandise!

Midway resultsEdit

On 15th July 5pm JST the midway results have been announced!
Bear in mind that these aren't the final results.

Rank 1 - 3
Rank Character Votes
1 Akira Mitsurugi 245,016
2 Kokoro Hanabusa 221,590
3 Mutsuki Kururugi 215,063
Rank 4 - 15
Rank Character Votes
4 Tatsumi Madarao 188,045
5 Issei Todoroki 185,080
6 Eva Armstrong 181,172
7 Seiya Aido 151,333
8 Futami Akabane 144,738
9 Mio Yamanobe 134,495
10 Satsuki Kururugi 128,972
11 Takamichi Sanzenin 110,659
12 Li Chaoyang 110,568
13 Raku Wakaouji 101,063
14 Ban Jumonji 100,456
15 Aoi Kakitsubata 99,529

The halfway results have been announced a second time on July 22nd.

Rank 1 - 3
Rank Character Votes
1 Kokoro Hanabusa 314,811
2 Akira Mitsurugi 299,164
3 Mutsuki Kururugi 262,589
Rank 4 - 15
Rank Character Votes
4 Issei Todoroki 260,790
5 Tatsumi Madarao 256,515
6 Eva Armstrong 225,331
7 Futami Akabane 191,130
8 Seiya Aido 189,786
9 Satsuki Kururugi 165,602
10 Mio Yamanobe 163,647
11 Takamichi Sanzenin 151,272
12 Li Chaoyang 139,128
13 Raku Wakaouji 125,411
14 Akio Tobikura 123,909
15 Aoi Kakitsubata 121,183

Final ResultsEdit

Ichu Award 2016 Final Results

On August 10th I-Chu posted the final results of the awards. The ranking is as follows

Rank 1 - 3
Rank Character Votes
1 Kokoro Hanabusa 434,034
2 Akira Mitsurugi 433,156
3 Issei Todoroki 391,185
Rank 4 - 15
Rank Character Votes
4 Mutsuki Kururugi 384,896
5 Tatsumi Madarao 365,408
6 Eva Armstrong 333,418
7 Seiya Aido 293,978
8 Futami Akabane 267,113
9 Akio Tobikura 244,161
10 Satsuki Kururugi 231,869
11 Mio Yamanobe 216,700
12 Takamichi Sanzenin 203,744
13 Li Chaoyang 192,031
14 Raku Wakaouji 170,528
15 Ban Jumonji 166,840

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