Producer: Huh~  Today became late too... Better get home fast.
I❤︎B's mediator 1 (1)
Lucas: Wait, Leon! I won't forgive you for today!
Leon: Huh~ It's not that, Lucas! Of course I will run away if you chase me with that scary face!
Lucas: Just stop! Let me hit you!
Leon: Absolutely N.O!!
Producer: ....What's that?
I❤︎B's mediator 1 (2)
Rabi: You two, that's enou---ah, huwa!?
Producer: Kyaa...!
Rabi Ah, sorry. Are you hurt?
Producer: No, it's fine.
Rabi: Eh, perhaps---
Rabi: You are our producer, right? Ah, and teacher too....
Producer: You are... Rabi-kun?
Rabi: Yes. I'm sorry. I was careless before because I was in a hurry.
Producer: It's fine. I just stumbled a little. Leaving that aside--
Producer: What's happening with those two?
I❤︎B's mediator 1 (3)
Rabi: Ah, that's right....
Producer: ... Did something serious happen?
Rabi: No, chasing those two is an everyday occurrence. Don't mind it.
Producer: But that was really intense....
Rabi: From the start they've had really different personalities. That's why Leon sometimes makes Lucas angry.
Producer: Are the relationships in the band not so well? 
I❤︎B's mediator 1 (4)
Rabi: That's not true at all. It's like what we call "close friends".
Rabi: Leon really wanted to be noticed by Lucas during practice but the jokes had gone too far.
Producer: Somehow being an older brother is hard, right?
Rabi: Actually we are all the same age. Ah, I really should go after those two.
Producer: Right. Do your best, Onii-san.
Rabi: Ahaha, I will.

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