I❤B's mediator 2 (1)
Lucas: Hey, Leon! Give me my guitar pick back at once!
Leon: Letting me have this one won't hurt. Your guitar pick is cool after all, Lucas.
Lucas: Don't speak in such a disgusting tone! Now hurry up and give it back!
Leon: No~pe.
Producer: ... Here in the waiting room it's very lively too today.
Rabi: Ahaha... sorry about that. They were quiet until just now.
I❤B's mediator 2 (2)
Rabi: Come one, you two. The Producer came in, so stop this irresponsible fighting!
Leon: Yeee~s.
Lucas: This isn't a fight. I said Leon...
Rabi: Yes, yes, I get it. Just calm down a little.
Rabi: Not having this one guitar pick won't be a hindrance to a flawless musical performance, right?
Rabi: Besides, if it's you, you have a spare one too, right?
Lucas: ...... Only because it's today.
Leon: Yaaay, hooray~!
Rabi: You were irresponsible too, Leon. The next time you're up to no good, I will ask Noah to scold you!
I❤B's mediator 2 (3)
Leon: This is absolutely disagreeable!
Rabi: If that's the case...
Leon: Yeee~s, I'll be careful~.
I❤B's mediator 2 (4)
Rabi: Hah...
Producer: ... you're really like a typical big brother.
I❤B's mediator 2 (5)
Rabi: Well, looking after them is like my duty.
Producer: But isn't it difficult to keep at it alone like this?
Rabi: Not at all.
Rabi: Because I'm really happy to be a member of this band together with them.
Rabi: I won't regret the effort it takes in order to continue building a band in Japan.
Producer: You really love this band.
Rabi: Yes. They're like a family to me.
Rabi: I love making music with these guys more than anything.
Producer: That you're able to say that so proudly is very great, but--

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