Producer: But, I still think to keep at it all alone isn't good.
I❤B's mediator 3 (1)
Noah: Your concern is unnecessary, Producer. Rabi is not the only one who holds the reins of these two.
Chaoyang: I also... make sure to help.
Noah: Isn't that right? As a matter of course, Chaoyang steps in to draw Leon's attention from Lucas to himself.
Rabi: That's only because you urge him to do it, right, Noah?
Noah: That's the result of everyone doing their best.
Producer: Anyway, in the end you seem to be successful.
I❤B's mediator 3 (2)
Rabi: After all, forming this band was our dream.
Producer: Dream?
Rabi: Until we gathered in Japan, we never met each other face to face.
Rabi: However, we were still attracted to each others sounds and so we formed a band in a foreign country.
I❤B's mediator 3 (3)
Rabi: That's quite amazing, right?
Rabi: I think it's just like a miracle.
Rabi: Raised in different environments, speaking different languages, our differences are numerous.
Rabi: But even so, we are here because we believe in each others sounds.
Producer: These are really mature words.
Producer: It'd be fine to behave a bit more appropriate to your age too.
I❤B's mediator 3 (4)
Rabi: Like those two? Ahaha, that way our band would fall apart.
Rabi: Besides, Producer. A 17-year-old is not as much of a child as you think.
Rabi: Ah, that's right. Since you're here, I'd like to ask you something.
Producer: I wonder what it is about. If there's something I can help you with, by all means, tell me.
I❤B's mediator 3 (5)
Rabi: Since everyone in our group comes from a foreign country, we're unfamiliar with the language of this place. If it's alright, could you teach us a little?
Producer: I should?
Rabi: It's an important matter. Especially when writing the lyrics, it's quite common that I can only find a proper expression in my mother language.
Producer: If that's the case... Then I will strive to be a helpful language teacher!
Rabi: Please don't be too hard on me, Producer.
Producer: (Rabi-kun is really hard-working and reliable. It might be inevitable in these surroundings, but--)
Producer: (Either way, I also think it'd be fine if he depended more on me like someone at his age would.)
Producer: (Someday, I would like become someone Rabi-kun can depend on... But that sounds a little egoistic, I guess.)

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