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CD Album soleil Regular Edition

CD Album soleil Limited Edition

Release Date March 23, 2016
Discs 2 (Limited Edition)

1 (Regular Edition)

Tracks 16 (Disc 1)

6 (Disc 2)

Price ¥3,800 (Limited Edition)

¥3,000 (Regular Edition)

soleil is the first album release of I-Chu. It contains the full versions of a collection of songs. The Limited Edition comes with a second disc and a rubber strap. The album includes a code to a Seiya GR.

Disc 1 - Vocal SideEdit

  1. I am a HERO! / F∞F
  2. Miracle ☆ Twinkle / Twinkle Bell
  3. Fly Fly! / I♥B
  4. Te wo nobase! / ArS
  5. Joker Dream / POP'N STAR
  6. Kakko tsukanai ze? / Lancelot
  7. Dark Night Cat / RE:BERSERK
  8. Kachou Fuugetsu / Tenjyou Tenge
  9. Saite wa Chiru Hana no Youni / F∞F
  10. Just one kiss / Twinkle Bell
  11. Dear my precious friend / I♥B
  12. Chotto matte yo give me a break! / ArS
  13. Sayonara Memories / POP'N STAR
  14. Warukunai ze easy days / Lancelot
  15. Lady Blood / RE:BERSERK
  16. Izayoi no Sora / Tenjyou Tenge

Disc 2 - Drama SideEdit

  1. みんなでお出かけ♪ (Going out with everyone ♪)
  2. 夕日に向かって (Towards the day)
  3. また明日 (See you tomorrow)
  4. 星夜からプロデューサーへ (From Seiya to Producer)
  5. 奏多からプロデューサーへ (From Kanata to Producer)
  6. 晃からプロデューサーへ (From Akira to Producer)


【アイ★チュウ】1stフルアルバム『soleil』ティザー (F∞F「I am a HERO!」)01:50

【アイ★チュウ】1stフルアルバム『soleil』ティザー (F∞F「I am a HERO!」)

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