creation 01.F∞F

I-Chu creation 01 FF

I-Chu creation 01 FF Limited

Release Date July 20, 2016
Discs 1
Tracks 4
Price ¥2,000 (Limited Edition)

¥1,200 (Regular Edition)

creation 01 is the first Album release of the new I-Chu Album line. It is performed by Seiya Aido, Akira Mitsurugi and Kanata Minato and it contains the full version of F∞F's latest song and a new song. The Limited Edition comes with the cover illustration, a badge and a special code.


  1. We are I★CHU!
  2. Icchaisou Dayo
  3. We are I★CHU! (OFF VOCAL)
  4. Icchaisou Dayo (OFF VOCAL)

I-CHU creation 0102:30

I-CHU creation 01.F∞F Trailer

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