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Producer: I heard that someone passed out by the front entrance, but it doesn’t seem like the person they were talking about is anywhe—
Mutsuki Kururugi RR Affection Story 1 (1)
Mutsuki: Grumble, grumble…
Producer: …Here he is.
Producer: Kururugi-kun, Mutsuki Kururugi-kun.
Mutsuki: Nnn~… What…?
Producer: You can’t sleep here. Wake up.
Mutsuki: Why not? I sleep where I want, when I want.
Producer: Then at least go to sleep while you’re in the school…!
Mutsuki: But the breeze feels nice and cool out here…
Producer: You’ll catch a cold!
Mutsuki: Hm… Fufufu, you’re quite the annoying busybody, aren’t you~? Okay, I’ll get up just this once.
Producer: (This kid sure does things when he feels like it, doesn’t he… )
Mutsuki Kururugi RR Affection Story 1 (2)
Mutsuki: [Play] Hmm~, and who are you again?
Producer: I’m your teacher and your producer.
Mutsuki: Hmm. A teacher has to be able to at least control a napping student. That’s dangerous.
Producer: If that’s what you really think, then I’d be happy if you’d cooperate with me a little bit.
Mutsuki: Naah… That’d be kind of a hassle, so I don’t really wanna~
Producer: “A hassle”…
Mutsuki Kururugi RR Affection Story 1 (3)
Mutsuki: Well then, Sensei.
Producer: Eh?
Mutsuki: Good night.
Producer: I told you, you’ll catch a cold if you sleep here–…!
Mutsuki: Zzz–…. Zzz–…
Producer: He’s asleep…
Producer: But I can’t just leave him here…
Producer: Sigh… Will I be able to carry him?
Mutsuki Kururugi RR Affection Story 1 (4)
Mutsuki: Nn… Huh, where… am I…?
Producer: Kururugi-kun… Good morning.
Mutsuki: Good morning… Wait, huh? Sensei, what are you doing?


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