I will do black magic 1 (1)
Mio: Ahh, it’s the day I’ve waited so long for: the day we can see our costumes~. I wonder what they’ll be like this time?
Mio: Hey, Producer-san. Do you know what kind of costumes we’ll be getting in?
Mio: Tell me something about them, even just the tiniest bit. Ahh, but I feel like waiting for the excitement I’ll get when I see them, too…!!
Producer: .....
Mio: Producer-san? Are you listening to me?
Producer: Ah, I’m sorry. I spaced out for a bit there. Trust me, I’m listening. You’re really excited about your costume, aren’t you?
I will do black magic 1 (2)
Mio: Yeah! I’m interested to see my own costume, but I’m super excited to see what Eva-sama’s is like, too.
Mio: The outfits that Eva-sama orders are always so, so cool.
Mio: The one that he had before was super stylish, and the one he made for me was sooo cute!
Mio: That’s definitely got to be because Eva-sama knows just how cute I am, right!?!?
Producer: That’s right…
I will do black magic 1 (3)
Mio: …Producer-san, you don’t really seem like you’re into this today.
Producer: Eh?
Mio: Or maybe it’s more like you’re… not motivated, or you’re not really paying attention… Is what I have to say that boring?
Producer: That’s not exactly it…
Mio: …Sorry, that was mean of me.
I will do black magic 1 (4)
Mio: Producer-san, you’ve seemed really busy lately…
Producer: That just means that you and everyone else are popular.
Producer: Besides, if I’m busy, that means you’re busy too, right?
Mio: We’re used to being busy.
Producer: …And I still can’t believe that even though you were so busy, Eva-kun still acted as your producer all by himself.
Producer: Eva-kun’s really so amazing.
I will do black magic 1 (5)
Mio: I know very well what it feels like to want to be in such admiration of Eva-sama. But even though I do, you can’t go comparing yourself to him.
Mio: It’s perfectly fine for you to be you, Producer-san.


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