I will do black magic 2 (1)
Mio: Don’t push yourself too hard! If you ever start to feel bad, tell me as soon as you can! I know how to mix together some medicine that would help a whole lot!
Producer: Ahaha. I’m fine, so don’t worry so much about it.
Producer: (But I’m still glad that he’d worry that much.)
Producer: (That just goes to show how much attention he pays to me as a member of the group.)
Mio: …Could it be that you don’t believe me?
Producer: Eh?
Mio: You don’t believe that I can mix medicines or use black magic, do you?
Producer: Eh, well, that’s—
Producer: (The medicine is one thing, but I don’t recall him saying anything to me about black magic…)
Mio: Look, that face you’re making proves that you don’t believe me. How mean!
Producer: No, that’s not it! It’s not like I don’t believe you or anything… I just can’t really picture it, I guess…
Mio: Do you mean that you don’t know how I’d actually be able to make anything?
Producer: Th-That’s right!
Mio: Oh, come on. Well then, I suppose that just means that if I tell you what I’ve done with black magic so far, you’ll believe me.
Producer: W-Well…
Producer: (I kind of want to hear what he’s got to say, but I also kind of don’t…)
I will do black magic 2 (2)
Mio: Well, let’s see, I first used black magic when I was 7 years old.
Mio: I had to go to elementary school, but I didn’t want to leave Eva-sama’s side…
Mio: So I used all of the things I had studied about black magic up until then on myself.
Producer: …So, what happened?
Mio: My magic worked wonderfully. The next day I got a stomachache and I was able to keep Eva-sama all to myself.
I will do black magic 2 (3)
Mio: But I think that I remember Eva-sama really telling me off then…
Producer: (Th-that’s true. I’d imagine that Eva-kun would’ve gotten angry then.)
Mio: He said, “Black magic isn’t something you cast on yourself. You use it to get rid of the things that are getting in the way of reaching your goals.”
Producer: (What kind of terrifying things were you telling a 7-year-old child, Eva-kun….!?)
I will do black magic 2 (4)
Mio: So after that, I refined my techniques by casting spells on Ban.
Producer: (Jumonji-kun…! You poor little boy…!!)
Mio: Ah, but the best spell I cast after that was when I was 13! It was on a woman that just wouldn’t stop making moves on Eva-sama, and I–
Producer: I get it! I get it already; I believe you. I believe in black magic, so…!
Mio: That’s what I thought you’d say, Producer-san! I thought that you of all people would be sure to understand!


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