I will do black magic 3 (1)
Mio: Look, look, Producer-san!
Mio: The costume that I got from that appointment before makes me look so, soooo cute!
Mio: With this stitched rose and these sparkling gems! And, and, the decoration on this foot here is so cool.
Mio: They said that Eva-sama told them to make all of these little details.
Mio: And that even though it was really hard to make it, that they pulled a bunch of all-nighters, knowing that it was for someone that it would look so good on!
Mio: I’m super happy that I’ll be able to sing while wearing such a wonderful outfit.
Mio: I can’t wait to film today’s promo video…
Mio: You did the planning for this one, right, Producer-san? I heard that from Eva-sama.
Mio: You told everyone how to get things ready, right?
Mio: Hey, do you think you could be a little sneaky and tell me what kind of video this will be? A little sneak peak, just for me? It’s either that, or we can go take a peek at the studio together.
Mio: I’m sure you’ve been fussing over the set forever, right?
I will do black magic 3 (2)
Mio: Hey, Producer-san. Are you listening?
Producer: Zzz… Zzz…
Mio: Producer-san?
I will do black magic 3 (3)
Mio: Looks like she’s asleep… I bet all of her exhaustion’s caught up to her, so I’d better let her rest for a bit.
I will do black magic 3 (4)
Mio: Fufu! She sure looks cute when she’s sleeping…
Producer: Nn…?
Mio: Ah, did I wake you up?
Producer: Ah, Yamanobe-kun. Welcome back! Oh wow, your costume this time is great. It looks really good on you.
Producer: Anyway, I’m sorry. It looks like I somehow fell asleep in the blink of an eye…
Producer: It’s so terrible for a producer to be sleeping while you’re out there working. I’ll be more careful from now on!
Mio: .....
Producer: Yamanobe-kun? Why are you so quiet? Aren’t you feeling well!?
Mio: No, that’s not it! Why are you worrying about me? You’re the one who doesn’t feel well, right, Producer-san?
Producer: I’m sorry for making you worry… It seemed like I would be able to sleep here for a little bit, so I guess I suddenly dozed off.
Producer: But that’s all there is to it. I feel just fine.
Mio: At least let me worry about you, Producer-san.
Producer: Yamanobe-kun…
I will do black magic 3 (5)
Mio: I mean… I don’t want to see my producer sick.
Mio: So I’m gonna keep a close eye on you from now on to make sure you don’t push yourself too hard ♪
Producer: Eh?
Mio: Ah! I know. If you do push yourself too hard, I’m gonna cast some black magic on you! You wouldn’t want a tummy ache, would you?
Producer: Pfft! Ahaha! I wouldn’t, so I’ll be careful to not do too much!
Mio: Good ♪ I want you to always be smiling, so that’s a promise!


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