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Futami starter sr part 1 (1)
Futami: Fuu--h...
Producer: Eh, Akabane-kun. What are you doing in a place like this?
Futami: Hm? I'm not doing anything in particular
Producer: ...At least open your eyes and look at me when you're talking.
Futami starter sr part 1 (2)
Futami: Uhaha, producer, you're saying quite a passionate thing~
Producer: Don't make fun of me! ...So, what were you looking at?
Futami: Nah, nothing much. I was just idly wondering how far my cigarette smoke would go until it disappeared.
Producer: Cigarette smoke? I don't understand, what do you mean?
Futami starter sr part 1 (3)
Futami: No, it's not that important. I just thought about it...
Futami: I was wondering if I'm not like the cigarette smoke, trying with all it's might to be like the clouds.
Futami: I just tried to think of poetry.
Producer: Don't say stupid things.
Futami: As I said, I just happened to think it. You were the one that wanted to hear it, right?
Producer: I wasn't saying that
Futami starter sr part 1 (4)
Futami: Hm--?
Producer: Why must it be a cloud?
Futami: Eh? Because we're aiming for a high place, right?
Producer: I'm saying that you don't need to compare yourself to something lifeless and plain like a cloud.
Producer: Wouldn't cotton candy be better?
Producer: Cotton candy doesn't disappear and it has a lot of colors!
Futami starter sr part 1 (5)
Futami: Co-cotton candy?
Producer: You can be like sweet and addictive cotton candy.
Futami: Pu, ahahaha! You're saying quite the poetry too.
Producer: Wh-why are you laughing? I think I said a pretty nice thing. And you're the one that made me say it!
Futami: Haha, that's right. I was the one that started poetry first.
Futami starter sr part 1 (6)
Futami: But, it makes me happy being seen that way.
Futami: Yep yep. I should try to be like soft and sw~eet cotton candy~♪

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