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Futami starter sr part 2 (1)
Futami: Ah, that reminds me, do you have any business with me? You were walking in the courtyard and it looked like you were searching for something.
Producer: Yes, that's right. Truth is, the shooting for the PV of the song you recorded before has been decided.
Futami: Hee...They decided it pretty fast.
Producer: That's because I worked hard too! And I was searching for you because I wanted you to try the costume
Futami starter sr part 2 (2)
Futami: Heeh, I see---
Producer: No, it's not "I see". I want you to wear it.
Futami: Hmm...
Producer: And don't say "hmm" either! Did you hear what I said?
Futami: Yep, to try the clothes, right?
Producer: If you heard me then move
Futami starter sr part 2 (3)
Futami: N---o...
Producer: ...You don't want to do it?
Futami: I don't think it's that
Producer: Why do you act like it's someone else's problem...
Futami starter sr part 2 (4)
Futami: It's not that I hate working that much. It's just annoying.
Producer: "Annoying" feels worse than hating.
Futami: Maybe. Hm...But
Futami starter sr part 2 (5)
Futami: If you say that you'll always be by my side I may work a bit more you know~?
Producer: You're saying strange conditions again...So you'll accept with just that?
Futami starter sr part 2 (6)
Futami: Eh?
Producer: As I said, I'll stay by your side as much as you want if it makes you want to work.
Producer: I want to see Lancelot's shining image as idols. That's why I'm willing to do anything for that.
Futami starter sr part 2 (7)
Futami: ...Producer you're really brave, how to say it, saying that you're ready to that point is manly isn't it.
Producer: But I'm a girl though?
Futami starter sr part 2 (8)
Futami: You're more manly than boys, as expected~
Producer: Really, this time I'm gonna--
Futami: But it's better if you don't say such things that much.
Producer: Eh?
Futami: You would be the one in trouble if you get misunderstood, right?

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