Futami starter sr part 3 (1)
Futami: I tried it for once, what do you think?
Producer: Uwah...It looks really great!!
Futami starter sr part 3 (2)
Futami: Ahaha, you're praising it too much.
Producer: To be honest, I never had an image of you in red to say it, you look way more piercing than usual!
Futami starter sr part 3 (3)
Futami: That means I always look like I'm lazing around doesn't it
Producer: You're not always lazing around
Futami starter sr part 3 (4)
Futami: Well, maybe but-
Producer: Hey, won't you move around a bit?
Producer: I had them make the costume pretty tight...Isn't it difficult to move?
Futami: N--o...
Producer: Ah, if possible, I would like for you to try the hook part of that song.
Futami starter sr part 3 (5)
Futami: Ah, that may be the easiest part.
Futami: Wait a moment okay...If I remember correctly it was something like...this
Futami: Tan..ta, tan
Producer: Why is it so vague?
Futami: I thought I remembered it though. I have to see Takamichi's movements again to be sure of it.
Producer: *sighs*...Anyways, this costume is really good. And it looks beautiful when you move.
Futami: ...Should I dance a bit more if you like it that much?
Producer: Eh?
Futami starter sr part 3 (6)
Futami: Even I can get motivated if you show me such face
Futami: ...One, two...three and four
Futami: And this pose after the bam...
Producer: (Usually it's like that but, when Akabane-kun gets serious he looks really cool...)
Producer: A-Akabane-kun? What's wrong? Y, you're close...
Futami: ....
Producer: (Why can't I talk only on moments like this?)
Producer: (...What to do. If you look at me with such earnest eyes I can't move...)
Futami: ...Do you like it that much when I act like a proper idol?
Producer: ...I like it, that said...No, I like it but?
Futami starter sr part 3 (7)
Futami: Should we two run away together somewhere?
Producer: "Run away", and where? But more importantly, from who?
Futami: Uhm...Maybe from Issei and Takamichi that are peeping in from over there?
Producer: Eh?!
Futami: Ahaha it's a lie. But, I really think that I want to run away together with you.
Futami: Well, I moved enough so I'm going to go take this off~
Producer: ...What was up with him?
Futami starter sr part 3 (8)
Futami: Yep...Was I being too aggressive? I have to be more carefree after all

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