Profile Story
(Profile Story) Issei Todoroki

Hey, long time no see.
Speaking of which, what have you been doing since earlier? You've been running around in the school ever since earlier.
How do I know? I saw you from up here obviously.
Besides, Futami and Takamichi contacted me. They said you were looking for me.
Ha! Isn't it funny watching high-class people bustling around all the time?
Ha ha! Did I anger you? The way you get mad hasn't changed since back then.
... Have you relaxed?
If only you're a fool with no guts, I would swiftly have you step down from being our producer.
Well, anyway, I'll say that you get passing score, eh, Sensei?
Truth be told, we didn't want to be I-Chu. But you know-
Even if I died I wouldn't run away from something halfway through.
There, if something ever happens to you as well, you gotta bear with it until the end okay? If you abandon it halfway through, I won't forgive you.

Initial R/RR Violence!
Second Batch R/RR Love is pungent and with a spicy taste
Initial SR/UR Don't get too serious
Art Appreciation SR/UR A stormy art appreciation!?
Astronomical Observation SR/UR Reminiscent meteor shower
Yumeiro Cast Collaboration SR/UR Dream and jealousy and vowed kiss
Sports Festival SR/UR Invisible power
Second Batch SR/UR Provocative spice
Valentine's Day 2017 SR/UR Sweet and melting Calvados
Cyber SR/UR Love with matching clothes?
Doctor SR/UR A place I want to protect
Hiking SR/UR Be charmed! By my hidden strength!
Initial LE/GR Wounds of honour!
Furious Heaven LE/GR Furious heaven
X'Mas LE/GR A special gift
1st Anniversary LE/GR Love Game A
Phantom Thief VS Police LE/GR Overcoming the thrill
Tenka Wakeme no Tristar LE/GR Decisive Tristar
Creation GR Creation 06
Perfume (2016 Awards) GR Issei Todoroki's Perfume
Necklace (2016 Awards) GR Issei Todoroki's Accessory
Dakimakura (2016 Awards) GR Issei Todoroki's Dakimakura
New Year 2017 LE/GR For whose sake do you pray to the gods
2016 I-Chu Awards GR 2016 General Election 3rd Place
Children's Day LE/GR Father's Day and Children's Day
Warlock LE/GR Twilight stranger
1st Oshinobi Date LE/GR A ride with wave sounds
Shuffle Unit Mini Album GR Warlock
2nd Anniversary LE/GR Three knights
Halloween 2017 LE/GR I prefer sweet kisses over pranks
Sasageyo! Kyoumei no Squeak LE/GR Offer to us! Resonating Squeak
Gothic LE/GR Haunted sympathy
Birthday LE/GR Secret meeting in the flower garden
3rd Anniversary LE/GR stare at you