Issei Todoroki's Aliases
Alias Called by
Issei Tsubaki, Aoi, Tatsumi, Seiya, Kokoro, Futami, Takamichi, Ban, Mio, Torahiko, Akio, Noah, Leon, Rabi, Lucas
Berserker Eva
Issei-kun Mutsuki, Satsuki, Toya, Kanata, Kyosuke
Ichi-nii Keji
Todoroki Akira, Raku
Todoroki-kun Shiki
Issei-san Chaoyang, Runa, Momosuke
Todoroki Issei Hikaru, Kuro

Event story appearancesEdit

Appears in
Futami event
Momiji no hosomichi banner
Flower shower de shukufuku o banner
Tenka wakeme no Tristar banner
Seiya no hoshi ni negai wo banner
Shinku no ito no en banner
Unmei no Kiss shot banner
Yuugana mujintou e youkoso banner
Sasageyo! Kyoumei no Squeak banner

Tarot GachaEdit

Issei's Tarot Cards
Card Translation
Issei R Tarot It seems like your emotions are going on a rampage! You may feel irritated or like hitting something. Nothing's gonna come out of it if you do. If you have something to say don't hesitate but tell it fair and square to your friends. Don't forget to keep your composure!
Issei RR Tarot Haven't you been carried away a bit too much lately? If you don't change that self-indulgent life from the roots of it, recovering will become difficult. Indulging in your wishes without thinking of anything may be fun but, that's not good at all. You need to look at the reality and change yourself with a strong will! Don't lose to yourself!
Issei SR Tarot What are you fearing? Your fears may come true in the future. But, isn't that the pefect chance for you to change it? Preventing it from happening is the best too, but if it happens solve it as soon as possible!

Misc. Facts Edit

  • He is in second generation.
  • Type he likes: A courageous girl
  • He likes to make silver accessories as a hobby.