What's the most expensive thing you've bought? Mine? ….What do you think it is?
Seiya I guess armor and a helmet. If I buy anything too expensive, my sister gets angry at me.
IsseiQ1 Seiya
Kanata Western clothes, I guess~ Just before, I bought too many and Seiya scolded me!
IsseiQ1 Kanata
Akira A coffee maker, I think? Thanks to it, I can drink delicious cups of coffee everyday.
IsseiQ1 Akira
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki These fashionable glasses! How much do you think they cost?
IsseiQ1 Satsuki
Mutsuki A futon… I like it because it lulls me to sleep easily.
IsseiQ1 Mutsuki
Noah The horse… Or so I think.
IsseiQ1 Noah
Leon This hat! It's a pretty famous brand!
IsseiQ1 Leon
Chaoyang This keyboard…. I have to be careful so that it won't break.
IsseiQ1 Li
Rabi The motorcycle. It feels great when you go against the wind.
IsseiQ1 Rabi
Lucas Musical instruments.
IsseiQ1 Lucas
Torahiko I don't even look at the price.
IsseiQ1 Torahiko
Kyosuke That'll be a PC~
IsseiQ1 Kyosuke
Akio The renovation of my studio, I think...
IsseiQ1 Akio
Shiki A pot to use for reference. I think it was pretty expensive.
IsseiQ1 Shiki
Hikaru I don't really remember the details...
IsseiQ1 Hikaru
Raku A writing brush. You'll be surprised if you hear the price.
IsseiQ1 Raku
Kokoro Clothes… But I'm not gonna tell you the price.
IsseiQ1 Kokoro
Runa  Clay pigeon shooting expenses. Everything is costly at the beginning after all.
IsseiQ1 Runa
Momosuke A plumeria! The colors were so cute~ ♪
IsseiQ1 Momosuke
Futami Do I look like I'm in a position where I can buy expensive things?
IsseiQ1 Futami
Takamichi The shoes I bought some time ago were made in Italy…
IsseiQ1 Takamichi
Eva They're not exactly expensive when bought one by one, but if I count the expenses of Sammy's food in a whole year, it's actually expensive...
IsseiQ1 Eva
Mio The cursed silver crystal was quite expensive~
IsseiQ1 Mio
Ban When I participated in a tour of high class gourmet smorgasbord, it turned out to be super pricey...
IsseiQ1 Ban
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki A car. When we're going on trips or the likes, I'm usually the one who drives it.
IsseiQ1 Tsubaki
Toya A sake that was stored and ripened in a cool dark place. It was delicious!
IsseiQ1 Toya
Tatsumi Silver accessories. I fell for it at first sight and ended up splurging my money...
IsseiQ1 Tatsumi
Aoi A branded watch.
IsseiQ1 Aoi
Kuro My doctrine is to not buy expensive things. File:IsseiQ1 Kuro.ogg
Saku A life-sized dakimakura of Producer-chan! What is it, Todoroki-kun, are you interested? File:IsseiQ1 Saku.ogg
Baber I bought a coffin. But it wasn't comfortable so I threw it away.... File:IsseiQ1 Baber.ogg

What do others think of you? And does it concern you? Ridiculous…
Seiya Hmm. I wonder what others think of me. I've been called big-hearted by Akira.
IsseiQ2 Seiya
Kanata People often said that I'm a strange kid~ I wonder which part of me is strange~?
IsseiQ2 Kanata
Akira I'm often told that I look mysterious. Though, I think I'm quite easy to understand.
IsseiQ2 Akira
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Maybe they think I should refrain from doing pranks?
IsseiQ2 Satsuki
Mutsuki They say I look sleepy… It's spot on.
IsseiQ2 Mutsuki
Noah I'm often told by girls that I look like a prince.
IsseiQ2 Noah
Leon Lucas called me a flashy guy. But I'm an incredibly serious guy!
IsseiQ2 Leon
Chaoyang I've been told I'm too shy… I want to become a person like Rabi-san…
IsseiQ2 Li
Rabi Maybe that I look like Chaoyang's big brother. That doesn't feel unpleasant, I guess?
IsseiQ2 Rabi
Lucas I've been called taciturn and I think that's better than being like Leon.
IsseiQ2 Lucas
Torahiko I've been called a free person! That's a compliment, right?
IsseiQ2 Torahiko
Kyosuke Maybe they think that I'm an otaku?
IsseiQ2 Kyosuke
Akio People think that I'm gloomy...
IsseiQ2 Akio
Shiki I was told that I'm a frivolous one, but I'm just being a gentleman to the ladies.
IsseiQ2 Shiki
Hikaru I'm sure people think that my beauty is a present from a goddess!
IsseiQ2 Hikaru
Raku People often said that I'm like an old man. What a rude thing to say.
IsseiQ2 Raku
Kokoro Don't you think I'm cute? Because I'm cute after all!
IsseiQ2 Kokoro
Runa The young master from political world... Must be what they think of me.
IsseiQ2 Runa
Momosuke I was once told by the boys in my class that I'm weak...
IsseiQ2 Momosuke
Futami NEET.
IsseiQ2 Futami
Takamichi Surely people think that I look smart, right? Fufun ♪
IsseiQ2 Takamichi
Eva Fuh. They definitely fear me to the point that they won't dare to approach me!
IsseiQ2 Eva
Mio I don't care about other's opinion. I'm fine as long as I have Master.
IsseiQ2 Mio
Ban I'm thought to be a glutton! People who don't know would be surprised, though.
IsseiQ2 Ban
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I was told that my first impression is of someone scary. Even though I think I'm not like that at all if you try to talk to me.
IsseiQ2 Tsubaki
Toya I'm told that I'm not too masculine, but that's... Not possible, right?
IsseiQ2 Toya
Tatsumi I'm often told that I look like a lively person...
IsseiQ2 Tatsumi
Aoi Of course people think that I'm a beautiful and cool I-Chu!
IsseiQ2 Aoi
Kuro I don't care about the other's valuations. File:IsseiQ2 Kuro.ogg
Saku The others can think what they want of me, but I'll keep loving Producer-chan. File:IsseiQ2 Saku.ogg
Baber I think they consider me a strange person, you know? File:IsseiQ2 Baber.ogg

A season that you hate? I don't care about such things…!
Seiya Winter. I'm not good with cold. I won't come out of the kotatsu.
IsseiQ3 Seiya
Kanata The season of mushrooms~
IsseiQ3 Kanata
Akira Maybe summer. It's a bit hot and I don't feel well.
IsseiQ3 Akira
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Winter! I won't come out unless there's snow!
IsseiQ3 Satsuki
Mutsuki Maybe summer... I can't sleep well.
IsseiQ3 Mutsuki
Noah Rainy seasons maybe… It's so humid you become gloomy.
IsseiQ3 Noah
Leon Autumn! Women's body lines are hidden and… Hey, don't look at me with weird eyes!
IsseiQ3 Leon
Chaoyang I can't stand winter… It's too cold and I can't go to visit temples…
IsseiQ3 Li
Rabi The summer… I'm used to the cold, but I will never get used to the hot weather.
IsseiQ3 Rabi
Lucas Summer. I get double irritated when meeting Leon.
IsseiQ3 Lucas
Torahiko Winter! Because the water freezes easily, and my hands tremble a lot, and I can't draw anything!
IsseiQ3 Torahiko
Kyosuke S-summer, maybe... I always feel like dying on Summer's comiket...
IsseiQ3 Kyosuke
Akio Summer... I can't spend the days well... Totally impossible.
IsseiQ3 Akio
Shiki Winter, maybe... It's the season where we can't see women's bare legs.
IsseiQ3 Shiki
Hikaru It's summer, summer! My beautiful ice sculptures are melting!
IsseiQ3 Hikaru
Raku I don't have a season that I hate.
IsseiQ3 Raku
Kokoro Summer. The ultraviolet rays are bad for me.
IsseiQ3 Kokoro
Runa Spring. Kokoro and Momo look like they'll fit in spring's image, but it is too cute-ish for me.
IsseiQ3 Runa
Momosuke It's difficult to grow flowers during Winter, so I don't really like it~
IsseiQ3 Momosuke
Futami Winter. It's so cold I can't even get out of my house.
IsseiQ3 Futami
Takamichi Spring. I have a terrible allergy to pollen...
IsseiQ3 Takamichi
Eva The sunlight during summer is my great enemy...
IsseiQ3 Eva
Mio Winter. I don't like cold, but I can be with Master in the kotatsu so I'm happy ♪
IsseiQ3 Mio
Ban I like summer! Makes me want to eat watermelons.
IsseiQ3 Ban
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki It's winter... I can't stand the cold.
IsseiQ3 Tsubaki
Toya I'm easily worn out during summer so I can't stand it.
IsseiQ3 Toya
Tatsumi Winter. I don't like the cold and end up diving into my futon in the morning...
IsseiQ3 Tatsumi
Aoi I hate summer, because it makes me sweat...
IsseiQ3 Aoi
Kuro Winter... I don't like the snow! File:IsseiQ3 Kuro.ogg
Saku Winter. The hand who has to press the shutter goes numb after all. File:IsseiQ3 Saku.ogg
Baber Hmm... Winter is cold so I don't like it. File:IsseiQ3 Baber.ogg