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Producer: You look like you're having a lot of fun today, Madarao-kun.
It&#039;s a promise Part 3 (1)
Tatsumi: Yeah, I didn't expect that the shooting for the promo would be in a temple in Naga.
Producer: I thought that it wouldn't be bad to make the shooting in such a place, considering the atmosphere of the song.
Producer: And also, we've just talked about the goshuincho's. I'm gushing with interest too.
It&#039;s a promise Part 3 (2)
Tatsumi: As expected! You used your authority on this occasion!
Producer: Ahaha...I can't deny that so please stop saying it.
Tatsumi: Let's go look around the temples when the photographing finishes!
Tatsumi: I'll finish my job quickly! I've never come here so I'm looking forward to it!
Producer: I'm looking forward to it too.
It&#039;s a promise Part 3 (3)
Tatsumi: Yeah! ...I'm, getting too exited, right...
Producer: Ah, did you finally notice it?
Tatsumi: If you thought so then tell it earlier!
Producer: I thought it was okay since it boosted your motivation.
Tatsumi: ...Well, my motivation is up but-
Producer: Right? That's good.
It&#039;s a promise Part 3 (4)
Tatsumi: ...Somehow, it feels like you manipulated me and it's pissing me off
Producer: That's not true. On the contrary, I'm the one manipulated here.
Tatsumi: Why would you be manipulated by me?
Producer: You slyly got my interest with that talk and made me change the location, right?
Producer: No matter how you look at it I was the one deceived, right?
Tatsumi: "If you say it like that it must be so", was it?
Producer: That's right. Today I came here really looking forward to it. This is only between us but...
Producer: I thought a lot about the right time of the photographing and how to decide this place.
It&#039;s a promise Part 3 (5)
Tatsumi: You were the one looking the most forward to it!
Producer: Yes. There's nothing bad with working like this sometimes. You can also boost your motivation like this.
Tatsumi: Haha, that's so like you!
Producer: Isn't it? Come on, before our enjoyable visit to the temples you have to show me the work of a pro.
It&#039;s a promise Part 3 (6)
Tatsumi: Leave it to me. Tenjyou Tenge's songs resound even better in places like this.
Tatsumi: And you too, you shouldn't blunder because you're fascinated by us.

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