Jimpachi Raido
雷道甚八, Raidou Jinpachi
Jimpachi Raido
The jokester iKids!
"Jimpachi Raido! I'll become a cool guy just like Leon-niichan!"
Age 10
Birthday August 10th
Blood Type A
Height 139 cm
Weight 30 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Dodgeball
Fave Food Ice cream
LeastFave Food Wasabi
Looks up to Leon
Group sweet step


A boy who’s always playing around. Mostly seen doing mischief with Mao. His ahoge is his charm point.


Jimpachi Raido N (Oni wa soto! Koi wa Come on!) Jimpachi Raido N (Eikoku Shinshi no mittsu no kokoroe) Jimpachi Raido N (Seishun School Festival) Jimpachi Raido N

Character LinesEdit

Hi! I'm Jimpachi Raido! I'm going out to play now!
My charm point is my ahoge! It's funny since I can swing it around, you know?
Leon-niichan is a foreigner!  That's so cool!
If there's me and Mao, then we can do everything! We're the best duo!
I'm going out to play with Enju now!
Story It said 'a story that you like'! I'm not good at reading though~
Main Story You can choose a chapter that you like!
You can choose a story that you like!
Love Story It's love story! Hyuu, hyuu! (whistling)
What are you going to choose! Hey, hey, tell me~
Shop Welcome~!
Disk Purchase Buy something for me too~
Friends Do you have lots of friends!?
Other It can do lots of things!

Affection StoryEdit


Jimpachi Raido - Ultimate (1)
Jimpachi: Heeey, Mao!! Come over here and look!! I found something funny!
Jimpachi: Woah!? Who are you! Since when where you here? The whole time? That's a lie!
Jimpachi: Only me and Mao were here, you know? Hah, in that case, are you a ninja!?
Jimpachi: I've read about it in a book! They sneak around without making a sound, and then they attack the enemy!
Jimpachi: Heh, don't think you can defeat me this easily! Because I'm an iKids who had a lot of training!
Jimpachi: Ah! Your face says you don't believe me!
Jimpachi: Just wait an see, check out my Final Idol Smile!
Jimpachi: I'm Jimpachi Raido! Swinging my ahoge up and down is my charmpoint as an Ul-ti-ma-te Idol!!
Jimpachi: And? How's that! Was it super cool? By the way, there is something I really don't understand.
Jimpachi: What does "Ul-ti-ma-te" mean?

Game of tag on Setsubun

Jimpachi Raido - Game of tag on Setsubun (1)
Jimpachi: Oh!? It's Leon-nii-chan's Producer! Good morning!
Jimpachi: Today is the Live of Leon-nii-chan and the others, right? I'm appearing as an iKids today too!
Jimpachi: Ah, that reminds me. There was something funny recently! You want to know what? Well, setsubun tag!
Jimpachi: It's popular at school now. Since it was funny at the recent photo shooting!
Jimpachi: Leon-nii-chan really is a genius to think of something like that~. Someday I want to become an adult like Leon-nii-chan too.
Jimpachi Raido - Game of tag on Setsubun (2)
Jimpachi: Alright, the preparations are complete!
Jimpachi: Because I'm going to run around a lot today, earlier Leon-nii-chan told me to do my warm-up exercises properly!
Jimpachi: And he also gave me some candy, you know? Leon-nii-chan is really is super cool!

Cheerful sleigh ride ☆

Jimpachi Raido - Cheerful sleigh ride (1)
Jimpachi: Uwaah, what an amazing amount of snow! It's the first time I'm seeing the snow piled up like this!
Jimpachi: On this time's Live, Leon-nii-chan is going to play the guitar while riding the snowboard, right? As expected of him!
Jimpachi: He's definitely the coolest! I wonder if I can become a great adult like him too...?
Jimpachi: If I keep practising from now on, I'll surely be able to do it! That said, let's try to snowboard together too!
Jimpachi Raido - Cheerful sleigh ride (2)
Jimpachi: Tch, I never knew we'd have a photo shooting before...
Jimpachi: But I'm wearing the same outfit as Leon-nii-chan, so I'm really happy!
Jimpachi: What kind of photos are you going to take today? Ah, I know, it's playing the guitar while snowboarding! Leave it to me!
Jimpachi: Eh, it's not!? I'm riding on a sleigh instead? That--
Jimpachi: Sounds like a lot of fun! I'll do it, I'll do it~♪
Jimpachi: Aah, hey, Producer! Don't just idle around here, let's get on the sleigh as quick as possible!

Leon is a ninja!?

Jimpachi Raido - Leon is a ninja!? (1)
Jimpachi: Ah! Hey, hey, have you seen Leon-nii-chan? I've been looking for him, but I can't find him at all~
Jimpachi: I♥B's hamburger stand with "Leon-kun's original burger" are super delicious!
Jimpachi: I thought about asking Leon-nii-chan how he made those.
Jimpachi: But I never expected I couldn't find him. He's pretty good at hide and seek.
Jimpachi: ... Hah! M- maybe Leon-nii-chan finally became a ninja!
Jimpachi: Awesome! Teach me ninjutsu, Leonmaru~!
Jimpachi Raido - Leon is a ninja!? (2)
Jimpachi: Fuh, the concert was super amazing! As expected of Leon-nii-chan, he was an awesome MC~
Jimpachi: It was shining and sparkling, everyone was fascinated by the stage! It's like their eyes were glued to it.
Jimpachi: I want to sing and dance and talk like that too. I still have to train a lot!

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own It's my birthday! Give me a present~
Enju I have to do something great for celebrating Enju's birthday!
Leon I prepared a great present for Leon-niichan!
Producer It’s your birthday, huh! Hehe! I hope you have a good day!