Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 1 (1)
Akira: Orihara. Make sure that your bottom is touching the floor.
Hikaru: Hmm~ How about this!
Aoi: If you stay firm like that your bottom will stay up too much, you know?
Hikaru: Guh.... What should I do, Akira Mitsurugi!?
Akira: Let's see. Relax the muscles around your bottom instead of staying firm like that.
Hikaru: Relax my muscles.... How is it?
Akira: Yes, it's good. You're properly touching the floor. Now, straighten your back and place your right hand on your back....
Aoi: Then put your left hand on your back from below.... To touch your right hand... T-this is difficult....
Akira: And while staying like that you start taking a deep breath.... *breathes in* ..... *breathes out* ....
Aoi: *breathes in*
Hikaru: *breathes out*
Akira: After taking a deep breath for five times you can turn back to your normal postures.
Hikaru: Fuu. Somehow my bottom feels comfortable now, Akira Mitsurugi!
Aoi: You're right. And not only the bottom. Now my shoulders and arms feel refreshed too.
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 1 (2)
Akira: That's because this pose is effective on from your shoulders to your bottom. You can't do it unless you're flexible in your hip joints and shoulders so you two are both incredible for being able to do it.
Hikaru: I tempered my flexibility in the past in order to enter in Takarazuka so it's obvious I could do this much!
Aoi: I always do some stretching and I feel like lately my body has gotten more flexible.
Aoi: But leaving that aside, it surprised me that you would know so much about yoga. Hikaru told me that you were teaching him so I became interested.
Hikaru: Yes! Akira Mitsurugi's way of teaching is really good!
Akira: ....It's just that my mother is addicted to yoga, so sometimes she would teach me about it.
Hikaru: But I still think that your teaching abilities are some prodigy skills that have been gifted to you by the heavens!
Akira: T-thank you....
Aoi: Good grief... You're exaggerating, Hikaru.
Akira: Ahaha.... But more importantly, didn't you have a live the other day, Kakitsubata-san?
Akira: You finally have some free time so is it ok for you to do yoga with us?
Aoi: I don't mind. This is a wonderful rest too. And also... talking with you two makes me feel better too.
Akira: Hm? Did anything happen?
Hikaru: Aoi Kakitsubata! If you have something worrying you then talk to me about it! Aren't we friends!?
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 1 (3)
Aoi: As I said, you're exaggerating.... But well, I would be grateful if you two heard me out....
Akira: Yes, if you want then we will listen.
Aoi: Yes. Truth is, when the last live ended there was a girl waiting for me to get out.
Akira: I see... Waiting for you.
Aoi: You two have experienced it too, right? There's always a crowd of people waiting for celebrities to exit, but that time something troubling happened to me.
Aoi: A fan confessed her love to me.
Akira: That's, how to say it... troubling.
Aoi: It makes me really happy that a fan has come to like me, but waiting at the exit for me is bad manners.
Aoi: Of course, I thanked her for her feelings, but it was the end of the live. It was late at night and I started worrying about those girls' safety when they were returning home...
Akira: You're right. Staying late at night isn't safe for girls, but we also can't take responsibility for everyone.
Aoi: Yes, yes... I wish this "waiting for celebrities to exit" tradition would die out...
Aoi: By the way, has a girl ever confessed to you, Akira? You can't say no with that appearance, right?
Akira: Please don't talk like that. I have been confessed to once when I was a student.
Aoi: Eh? Don't tell me, you haven't gotten any confessions after you graduated?
Akira: It's exactly as you think. I devoted myself to my work as model so maybe approaching me was difficult, or I wasn't attractive enough...
Aoi: No, no, no way! It's definitely not the latter. I'm sure it was just difficult to approach you because you acted stoic, right?
Akira: Ahaha. Well, an idol's work is to have all their fans as lovers so I don't mind now, you know?
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 1 (4)
Aoi: That might be true but.... not receiving a genuine and honest confession makes one feel a bit sad.
Akira: That's because you're always kind to women.
Hikaru: ...................
Aoi: Ah, that reminds me. Hikaru, you haven't talked at all since earlier. Are you alright?
Akira: Orihara, do you feel unwell maybe?
Hikaru: you?
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 1 (5)
Akira&Aoi: Eh?
Hikaru: Akira Mitsurugi, Aoi Kakitsubata, have you two ever gone out with someone before?!
Aoi: Eh? W-well, anyone has done that as a student, right?
Akira: Y-yeah.... Anyone has done that once or twice.
Aoi: Yes yes! You've gone out with someone too, right Hikaru?
Hikaru: W-what did you say...!
Akira: Orihara? Don't tell me...
Hikaru: I have never received a confession from a girl... and I have never gone out with someone before!!

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